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Livro Terra Sonâmbula de Mia Couto content/uploads//09/ Sleepwalking Land (in Portuguese: Terra Sonâmbula) is a novel written by Mia Couto, a Mozambican writer, first published in Portuguese in and translated .

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Here is a selection of literary gems from a couple of dozens I marked while reading, that show the power of his writing.

An old man and a young boy, Tuahir and Muidinga, travel a “dead” road trying to get away from the war. Trivia About Sleepwalking Land. But it is done well and it left me overflowing with sensation, much like I imagine a war would.

Sleepwalking Land

It’s that life doesn’t like to suffer. Refresh and try again. The fat Post-colonial Mozambique endured 15 horrific years of internal strife and brutal slayings; an estimated million people died during the conflict ending in It’s like someone with a mind half Kafka and half Cormac McCarthy, the dreamstates of Doris Lessing, and the ever-loving heart of the mother of everybody lived in the thick of the Mozambiquan civil war, and wrote a book about it. Paperbackpages.

Terra Sonâmbula

Together, they travel down a road that had been abandoned and encounter many signs of the war including a burnt bus and many corpses along the side of the road. Zijn stijl is voor mij puur genieten. In any case, the effect is somewhat overwhelming, and if it weren’t so well executed it might take away from the story.


One of my favourite sections is the story of the land of the dead. Terwijl ik het boek las, moest ik voortdurend denken aan alle andere oorlogen waarin mensen hun waardigheid verliezen, waarin mensen gereduceerd worden tot beesten.

Return to Book Page. No fim destes escritos, serei de novo uma sombra sem voz. Kindzu, who traveled across the country hoping to become a naparama, a warrior of justice, and discovered love and lust and jealousy and death on his journey.

I think most of the bad reviews are by readers who expected a straight-forward, factual and sensible historical fiction, and this is really not what you’ll get donambula this book. Normally I reserve my 5-star rating for tried and true books, books that I’ve returned to again and again.

And who can resist literacy as something akin to contraband and as crucial as a machete in cutting its way through ancient jungles and more modern emotional mazes. I’ve ordered this book online, as I spotted it before and it looks fascinating. It feels like a doubleheader used to feel when I had the patience for baseball and a life that could incorporate extra-innings.

Sleepwalking Land by Mia Couto

Normally I reserve my 5-star rating for tried and true books, books that I’ve returned to again and again. Resta mencionar que a narrativa tem um desfecho sugestivo, oferecendo ao leitor a oportunidade para imaginar o futuro do jovem. Instead they endure, even when they seem to have given up on life, when they don’t know what they are enduring etrra. And after all it leaves you wondering if there is possibly any other way to better understand the atrocities of war to the soul.


The notebook will be a grand diversion for the two men from their meager lives. As the civil war rages in s Mozambique, an old man and a young boy, refugees from the war, seek shelter in a burnt-out bus.

It must have seemed as if the land itself is fleeing. Another tries to bury people alive, in the hopes that, like planted seeds, more people will grow out of them and replace all the ones who were long gone. Muidinga and Tuahir take the notebooks with them into the scorched remnants of the bus that they use as a shelter. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Terra Sonâmbula by Mia Couto (5 star ratings)

Sep 02, Jim Fonseca rated it it was amazing Shelves: It definitely has become a favourite and Mia Couto one of the authors I most admire.

His dead father tells him the reason people dream, so as not to suffer on earth: It is unapologetic magical realism, a war described without any battle scenes, metaphor upon metaphor. There is a road but no destination, the twrra ceased to offer hope and now offers only the promise of criminals passing by, of attacks, of death.

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