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LEGO Instructions Set Number Strategic Pursuer – Thousands of complete step-by-step free LEGO instructions. View LEGO instructions for Interplanetary Shuttle set number to help you build these LEGO sets. Find great deals for Lego Space Futuron Strategic Pursuer Complete With Instructions. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Vienna Sat Dec ,ego, A small black socket wrench fits in one of the hands. Amazon Back to Store List. The set is a very small and compact robot that includes a yellow Futuron astronaut.

Below the central body of the cockpit and arms are the stubby legs. Captain Gree Horth was one of the many pilots sent to the planet.

London Sun Dec 16, EUR 6,00 0 Gebote.

The arms can only move side to side and not up and down, the cockpit isn’t quite enclosed. His job was to aid the investigation team.

Vintage LEGO Toy Unopened MIB Legoland Space Toys Strategic Pursuer | eBay

Vienna Fri Jan 11, Berlin Tue Dec 25, One of the few cons of this set is that the cockpit is open on the sides and in front. Lego Vintage Space We already worked on the search keywords so you will get the best results right away. Sydney Sun Dec 16, Lego instructions Space e City This mechanism allows the robot to reach higher places with its arms, and it also gives the pilot a smoother ride than some other robots like the ones in the Robo Force subtheme.


A small removable laser gun is situated atop each leg. The legs also have an interesting assembly that I have never seen in any other sets before or after this one.

What do you think? Page last updated 2 weeks ago Next update in 1 month.

6848-3: Strategic Pursuer

Strategic Pursuer – Strategic Pursuer Rating: Berlin Fri Dec 28, The astronaut can sit inside the “head” of the robot and steer it with two control sicks. Tron had 68448 long-time friends and allies, so when the Futuron Academy received news of a giant volcano that had not existed until now blowing ash and boulders on M: I think that all Futuron sets are just great!

Each leg is made of three inverse slope bricks and hinges. A neat little robot with an interesting leg assembly.

LEGO Strategic Pursuer

Berlin Thu Jan 03, Lego – -Strategic Pursuer mit originaler Bauanleitung. London Tue Dec 18, Vienna Sun Dec 16, If you have read my review of the Laser Ranger you should know that I have always wanted any or all of the Futuron sets. The canopy where the astronaut sits is a trans blue octagon like the ones in the Sea Sprint 9 and Saucer Scout.


Brussels Fri Jan 04, Saturn Games and Demos. Vienna Sat Dec 15, Captain Horth’s research vessel was an old but reliable service robot called Stalker. The investigation party were the ones who took samples of the air, soil, and volcano’s surroundings, and they also tried to figure out what caused the freak eruption. London Thu Jan 10, London Mon Dec 17, Only the tops of the tallest buildings were visible under the ash, and a river of magma was slowly creeping its way into the heart of the city.

Paris Sun Dec 16, Berlin Tue Dec 18, There is a very good selection of pieces in the set for some great alternate models like a small space ship because two wing pieces are included. Tron cities, the Academy naturally sent backup and rescue units to aid the M: Lego Strategic Pursuer Bauanleitung.

Lego Strategic Pursuer classic Vintage space.