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I liked this sweet little thing. Not well known in the West, Layla and Majnun were the “Romeo and Juliet” of Iran. The portrait of Majnun (who went mad over his. Layla and Majnun is a classic story of love most notably expressed by the great poets Nizami Ganjavi and Muhammad Fuzuli. It has been presented in many. f THE STORY OF LAYLA AND MAJNUN Oltj /IclHi Translated Jr om the XVIII War against Layla’s Tribe 76 XIX Nawfal is reproached again 83 7 chapter P a 8 e.

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If you are angry with me, quench the fire of your wrath with the water of my years. As long as I am alive there is no way that could lead me to you; save yourself, therefore, save me from myself, and let me rest at your feet in eternal peace. Why should I be afraid, if it is you who cuts off my head?

He talked about nothing but Layla; he praised her beauty, extolled her virtue, glorified her appearance, her character. The mother lost her head like a bird caught in a trap.

“La Burbuja Rosa”: il tragico amore di Layla e Majnun

Bristling with arms they left the tents and soon the armies met in a terrible clash, like two mountains hurled at each other. So great was his eloquence that, like the Messiah, he could have breathed life into a najnun. Nobody was happier about this change than Nawfal, who had brought it about. Better that the dogs should devour her than this demon in human shape. Is that the key to your magic power? In Arabic language, Layla name means “night,” and is thought to mean “one who works by night” or “worker of the dark.

Coins produced within — Archived 19 January at the Wayback Machine.: Do you still hope for light, where there is darkness? Devoured by hope and impatience he could hardly wait for the moment when he would be able to entrust his sorrow-child to the grace of the Almighty. Layla and Majnnun meet for the lailaa time before their deaths.


The -J gorge in which he had chosen to live belonged to an area ruled by a Bedouin prince called Nawfal. The closer he came to his goal, the less certain were his steps ; drunk with longing and confused by feverish hope, his lips trembled like the verses of the poem he majnin chanting.

Is it not one of the command- jajnun, that one must offer water to the thirsty? Beaten down by grief and exhaustion his head drooped and when, towards noon, the sun shot its arrows at him, he was happy to find a small oasis where, under some palm trees, a spring was bubbling and a pool invited the wanderer to rest. The process of conjoining the two stories also produced something equally valuable: He soon began composing poems about his love for her, mentioning her name often.

Look for the company of gay people, do not flee from happiness. What did I receive in return? Do as you are told, or disaster will overtake you.

The bridge between the two banks had fallen in; no sound reached the other side. Unite me with Layla, or I shall throw my life away. You placed me in front of a table laden with sweetmeats, and then you chased me away like a fly! The Majbun from Baghdad visits Majnun among his Animals 1 9 1 9. What I desired from you, and still desire, is the fairy-maid 80 who could break the spell and free a bewitched youth from his delusion.

Instead of damping it, you stirred the fire. Majnun and the Wild Beasts 7. Do not refuse peace to a few survivors! With great care, he protected the glass so that no stone should break it, and barred the door which led to the girl with the silvery limbs. He had al- ready given his heart to Layla before he understood what he was giving away. What could they have done against it? That is bad both for you and for us, because whatever this impertinent fellow composes tears the veils of custom and decency a hundred-fold.

But it was not I who forged them; it was my fate, my Kismet, that decided. Are you asking for the comets, you cursed demon?


Full text of “The Story of Layla And Majnun”

Thej waken memories that majnuun, Sad happiness and jojful sighs. When they could see the tents from afar, Nawfal ordered his men to dismount and pitch camp.

Disaster swiftly took its course.

Regain your senses before it is too late. He had a litter prepared for Lailaa — richer out- side, or softer within none could be imagined. For a while the girls walked among the roses, and wherever they passed, with their figures like cypress trees and their tulip-like faces, the flowers, as if in rivalry, blossomed twice as beautifully.

And, true enough, there was no veil which could hide his beloved from Majnun. I can endure it no longer, I majnnun yours, more use to you alive than dead.

So wedged and lalia in battle became friend and foe that none could dodge the other, nor did thrust or stroke ever miss its victim. Through him Layla is branded with a hot iron, and if this perilous wind continues to blow it will extinguish the lamp.

Laila e Majnun

The enduring popularity of the legend has influenced Middle Eastern literature, especially Sufi writers, in whose literature the name Layla refers to their concept of the Beloved.

How then could I be on your side, when I have given up my self? Some- times he would go to Majnun hoping to hear, as a reward, some of the poems which had become so popular. Suddenly, a strange thing happened. There was nothing to do but to leave Mecca and start on the trek home, where they were awaited impatiently in sorrow and fear.

The day of the marriage was fixed. The hunt was forgotten. A fire had been lit in both — and each reflected the other. The wound in the soul of our lover had opened again and he turned in bitterness against his friend.