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“The essence of Air is the essence of speed and awareness. It is oneness with the world, both physical and spiritual.” – The Tao of Shinsei. L5R Book of Air *OP [Aeg] on The Book of Air is the first in a series of elemental sourcebooks that will explore the L5R RPG Book of Earth * OP. Some news on AEG forum re: Book of Air release Seriously, L5R 4e is one of the best RPGs out there. I’m going to see if I can order this book.

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In either case, the bird will not take suicidal actions such as flying into a fire and will immediately break off and flee if it is injured. Or you could help your family seize lands belonging to another. Boom, there’s also a giant wall keeping monsters out. It’s rules are light but effective, the setting is very rich, there’s a great balance of challenge, there’s diversity and flexibility.

Index of /zetsu/l5r

It may be an individual the man who killed his fatheror an item A cursed blade that brought ruin to his familyor even a vista of some sort an image of an enemy slaying his family.

This spell is a subtle illusion used to conceal a shugenja’s trail from pursuers. The best way to look at L5R is to just think of it as an eastern style Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Game of Thrones with all the clans acting as the big families in westeros vying for power with back room politicking and sometimes open warfare to gain status, power, and wealth.

If I had one criticism at all of L5R it would be that the setting is a bit intimidating. Priests of the kami are capable of inscribing powerful wards that invoke the power of the elements against all who attempt to pass them.

The caster must maintain partial concentration for the duration of the spell – if this is disrupted, the spell ends immediately. I’m in love with the L5R universe. PageBokk Creation: The kami whisper in the ears of those within 20′ of you or of the target if you cast the spell on someone elsecausing them to be conveniently distracted from your presence. For example, a shugenja with Air 4 would inflict 6k4 damage with this spell.

If foes from outside the Castle attempt to attack those within it, the illusions will try to misdirect or fool them. This creation is an illusion, but it can be used functionally, including damage if it is a weapon. PageDeathseeker Path: For the duration of the spell, the caster gains 1 Rank in all Skills hie normally possesses, and may benefit from any Mastery Abilities that bok would award. The bird will then fly away to deliver the message to the person or persons specified when the spell is cast.


Yeah my world is extremely simplified in terms of applicable lore.

Air Spells – Legend of the Five Rings

Although the ultimate secrets of the human mind are hidden ever to the winds, 4ee kami can pluck the most immediate thoughts kf the minds of others and whisper them to those who carry their favor. Only Kitsu Shugenja may learn this spell, which is a secret of the sodan-senzo order. Instead of summoning the yari for yourself, you may cause it to appear in the hands of an ally within 20 feet. It relies on the playfulness of the Air kami and the subtleties of language. PageExample of Character Creation: How familiar with the lore which is pretty extensive, it seems would I have to be run a good game?

Some of them have wings and some do not, but all of them are able to fly, winding through the air in a manner resembling a normal snake swimming through water. In L5R 4th Edition, characters cannot regain spell slots from meditation. Already have an account? He is treated as the caster for the purposes of the spell, but he does not gain the Free Raise bonus.

Among the various topics in this book you will discover: However, Obok who find this to be unrealistic may opt to restrict the Kitsune to one or the p5r Trait bonus throughout their history.

Submit a new link. Oh and then also an assassin campaign, damn Dangerous Beauties and their stabbing people in the neck while in the bath. I’m not the biggest fan of Legend of biok 5 Rings, but I have enjoyed what I’ve played and run, and 4e was my favorite.

You may summon a buffet of winds that surrounds you in an unrelenting cocoon of swirling air. You really need to make sure everyone is into Asian culture and mannerisms before you run this. This spell may not be cast in a given area more than once per month, as it completely exhausts the favors of the air kami to perform it. The Skill list under the actual School page is correct.


The bird that is created by this spell appears perfectly normal in all regards, but if it takes any damage it dissipates into wind immediately, ending the spell.

So the door is wide open for a variety of stories.

L5R 4e – The Book of Air.pdf

It does not guarantee that the animal will regard you positively or that it will fulfill requests made of it, but the creature will understand anything you tell it within its ability to do so naturally if political relationships have no meaning to a horse, no matter how many times you explain them. Long, long ago, when I first started, I found the setting to be very restrictive because it felt like everyone had to be extremely formal at all times, and that made it difficult to empathise with the characters or figure out what they could actually do.

I’ve forgotten my password. I wish the rules for what shugenja and courtiers “get” as their Insight increases were as clear cut laid out as what samurai do You gain your next school technique. Others took the view that they were supernatural or perhaps even demonic, and after the War of Dark Fire this became the generally accepted viewpoint. A success means they manage to briefly see through the illusion and may attack normally for that Round fo.

PageUtilizing Kiho: A unique prayer that is as much a meditation as anything else, this spell is only taught in shugenja Schools which have an Air as an Affinity.

I only know of the D10 system from forever ago. It’s not as bad as it seems if you go with just the 4th ed books but it’s still quite a bit and can be a little overwhelming. It is possible to determine that an individual was the target of the spell through use of the Commune spell, but it requires that the kami be specifically asked if they can detect any such manipulation.

Typically no more than one or two shugenja in a generation will learn it. Poetry; as both a requirement and part of bopk technique. I do combined shipping, just wait for invoice. A skilled shugenja can petition the kami to create incredibly elaborate illusions to obscure one’s identity and appearance.