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Project funded by the European Union. CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF ALBANIA. KUSHTETUTA E REPUBLIKËS SË SHQIPËRISË. Kushtetuese, të cilët ndër vite kanë kontribuar me punën dhe veprimtarinë e tyre, shpall Shqipërinë Republikë Popullore dhe hyn në fuqi kushtetuta e re, e cila. Kushtetuta E Shqiperise. 28 likes. Book. Kushtetuta E Shqiperise. Privacy · Terms. About. Kushtetuta E Shqiperise. Book. 28 people like this topic. Want to like.

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Emigration and defection list of defectors Sovietization of the Baltic states Information dissemination Politics Economies Telephone tapping. In May, Tirana announced the arrest, trial, and conviction of nine People’s Assembly members, all known for opposing Yugoslavia, on charges of antistate activities. Tirana soon came under pressure from Moscow to copy, at least formally, the new Soviet model for collective leadership.

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Hoxha himself proclaimed that anyone who trampled on the party’s edict on women’s rights should be “hurled into the fire. A month later, the Communist Party of Yugoslavia’s Central Committee accused Hoxha of following “independent” policies and turning the Albanian people against Yugoslavia.

Me ne fund shqipria po hec para falenderoj atat qe e kan krijuar kete aplikacion. After months of angry debate, the assembly adopted a constitution that mirrored the Yugoslav and Soviet constitutions.

He also grumbled about a Comecon plan for integrating the East European economies, which called for Albania to produce agricultural goods and minerals instead of emphasizing the development of heavy industry. The number of Albanian doctors increased by a third to about early in the decade although the doctor-patient ratio remained unacceptable by most [ quantify ] standardsand the state opened new medical-training facilities. Welcome to App Annie! Three days later, Tirana gave the Yugoslav advisers in Albania 48 hours to leave the country, rescinded all bilateral economic agreements with its neighbor, and launched a virulent anti-Yugoslav propaganda blitz that transformed Stalin into an Albanian national hero, Hoxha into a warrior against foreign aggression, and Tito into an imperialist monster.


He signed the Helsinki Agreement which was signed by other countries in that respected some human rights. Its first act was to formally abolish the monarchy and to declare Albania a “people’s republic. Moscow then withdrew all Soviet economic advisers and technicians from the country, including those at work on the Palace of Cultureand halted shipments of supplies and spare parts for equipment already in place in Albania.

Kryeministri i Shqipërisë

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Annexed as, or into, SSRs. The constitution’s preamble also kusthetuta that the foundations of religious belief in Albania had been abolished. Political executions were common and between 5, and 25, people were killed in total under the period of the Communist regime.

The first multi-party elections in Socialist Albania took place on 31 March — the Communists gained a majority in an interim government and the first parliamentary elections were held on 22 March He worked to institutionalize his policies, hoping to frustrate any attempt his successors might make to venture from the Stalinist path he had shqiperse for Albania. National team Clubs Players Stadiums.

Fall of communism in Albania. Continuing a policy set by Hoxha, Alia reestablished diplomatic relations kushteuta West Germany in return for development aid and he also courted Italy and France. National team Clubs Players Stadiums.


Chairmen of the Presidium of the People’s Assembly:. Hoxha remained in control despite the fact that he had once advocated restoring relations with Italy and even allowing Albanians to study in Italy. Soon after Mao’s death inHoxha criticized the f leadership as well as Beijing’s pragmatic policy toward the United States and Western Europe.

Init declared itself the world’s first atheist state. Military Police Organized crime Prisons Border crossings.

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Last Week This Week. Inthe Albanians went so far as to seize the empty Soviet embassy in Tirana, and Albanian workers pressed on with construction shqipetise the Palace of Culture on their own.

Relations worsened in the fall, however, when Spiru’s commission developed an economic plan that stressed self-sufficiency, light industry, and agriculture. The position of the communists was confirmed in the first round of elections under a interim law, but fell two months later during a general strike. Music Television Radio Cinema.

Soviet leaders also promised to build a large Palace of Culture in Tirana as a symbol of the Soviet people’s “love and friendship” for the Albanians. In DecemberAlbanians elected a new People’s Assemblybut voters shqiperies presented with a single list from the Communist-dominated Democratic Front kushettuta the National Liberation Movement. Ironically, a language barrier even forced the Chinese and Albanian technicians to communicate in Russian.