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Mudras. Kathakali mudras (hand gestures). HOME · ABOUT US · About Us · Performance · Food & Accomodation · MASTERS · · Mary John · Riya K. Mudras (hand poses) play a pivotal role in Kathakali. Mudras tremendously reduce literary expressions to elementary notions very easily. The basic Mudras. Kathakali is a highly stylized classical kerala dance performance noted for its attractive make-up of characters, their elaborate costumes.

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Elaborated, colourful and thoughtful make-up influences the dramatic effects in top level. Vishnu God2.

The three folds kkathakali skin above the naval of a woman. For character-wise differentiation there are three colours of Taadi — white, red and black. Sattvika expression of thoughts by articulating the mindAangika conveyance of ideas by gestures and Vaachika conveyance of idea by singing, shrieking etc.

Kathakali Guide and Explanation

This traditional dance form can be seen during several cultural festivals or occasions. There are 13 double hand symbols and 12 single hand symbols using this Mudra. Techniques Kathakali is a dance-drama in which a high degree of stylization is seen in the method of acting, presentation, make-up and costuming.

Kathakali in Kerala Kathakali is a ritualistic dance-drama of Vedic age origin. Kathakalj artists prefer to have cream or white colour dots from cheeks to the fore-head in bow shape. This separates the black portion from the red portion of the face. The headgear worn by the various characters in Kathakali are excellent specimen of intricate woodcarving, an ancient speciality of the region.


Katakam Golden Bangle 4. Hence the movements kathskali often explosive. Black Taadi is for the characters like Muddras, Kaattalan hunterrobber chieftains, brigands etc. This is called Rasabhinava. The actors stand behind the curtain.

Worship of god using 8 substances, 5. Soochimukham Needle’s sharp point Most of the ornaments donning each character are made in this fashion too. Hand gestures are another integral part of Angika since the interpretation of the text is kathakalii conveyed through this.

Anjaly Folded hands in Salutation Now mudraas the turn of anti-hero. The hands hold the curtain on top end and fingers glide across. There are 68 Mixed Mudras. Mudras The communication among the characters and to the audience is through an intricate language of hand gestures, used in combination with facial expression and body movements. This is a complicated and karhakali make-up. Samaana Mudras Same Mudras: For a typical performance, a simple temporary pandal canopy made of thatched roof will be erected.

kathakali mudras

Using this can show the symbols like oppose, Stop!! Through a systematic process of practice an actor gain a full control of the facial muscles, which enables him to express the bhavas. Demi-god Gandharva2. The acting mode of Kathakali in its totality can be better understood in terms of four-fold scheme of historic representation given in Natyasastra.

Although dance is an important element in Kathakali, it is not the main feature.


kathakaki Ask us a Question on Facebook Karmakerala. A white pattern is developed from green painted base of the nose to lead to either side of the cheeks by encircling the red spots.

Twigs of the tree, 2. Attakatha was again renamed to the present name of Kathakali, capsuled elaboration of story by dance and gestures. There are 24 Basic Mudras hand gestures in the “Hasthalakshana Deepika”, which Kathakali is followed. Black ointment is applied on lips and upper half of the face. HamsaPaksham Swan’s wing 9. Reddening of the white portions of eyes of the characters is a salient feature in Mjdras. Considering all these Mudras and their seperations there are totally symbols used in Kathakali.

The other thing, 7. In Kummi a sort of dance the movements and gestures are not rigid. Through an internal discipline an actor kathskali his ability in mastering this action technique.

Kathakali – Google Drive

Lord Indra’s weapon, Which one Double hand symbols: These five characters are named. Eyes and eye-lids are lengthened with black greasy collyium.

Sukathundam Parrot’s peek 7. Happiness and comfort, The up-beat music electrifies the moods of the performer to display with defined and refined foot steps. The three folds of skin above the naval of a woman