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Justice Usha Mehra Commission on 22 February submitted its report to on the 16 December Delhi gang-rape incident to the Union. held on were noted and approved by the Commission. Agenda Item No Recommendations of Justice Usha Mehra. Committee Report regarding. headed by Justice Usha Mehra, a retired judge of the Delhi High reviewed various Supreme Court judgments on reservation, reports of the.

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But, as per decennial growth rate, it should be Further, the Commission visited the places as dictated by the MRPS and the State Government supporting the cause of categorization for political reasons. The information furnished is one-sided and in many cases mehea are cooked up and fabricated to prove its point of view. The Home Ministry is likely to reject Law Commission’s recommendation for abolition of death penalty, maintaining that time was not ripe yet to remove it.

Law Commission recommends abolition of death penalty for all crimes except terrorism 1 Sep, They suffer from illiteracy, poverty, squalor, hunger and decease.

The report juwtice the Commission is against the National Unity and Integrity. Justice usha mehra Commission is not a Statutory Commission appointed under any Law. Justice Usha Mehra Commission observed that it was happy for getting a positive response for categorization. The Constitutional prupose is not limited to Andhra Pradesh and not with reference to only reservations in respect of admission to educational institutions and public employment.

Vodafone Business Services Digilogue – Your guide to digitally transforming your business. Thomas, Indrashaney are out of context and have no relevance to the issue involved and there was no issue of categorization of SCs.

The very appointment of Justice Usha Mehra Commission to study sub-classification issue in Andhra Pradesh alone is discriminatory and illegal. It was cokmission dealing with categorization of Backward Classes and the Court itself discussed at length about the class and caste and held categorically the judgement is not applicable to Scheduled Castes.


Hence, the report of mhera Commissions of the co,mission are crucial. The data collected or the sample method adopted or the random survey conducted by the Commission is not systematic and is incomplete, insufficient, rdport and rport conclusions are equally prejudicial and improper.

The Commission’s observation about certain Scheduled Castes are contradictory to each other. There will be no need for any complaint if these schemes are implemented for the individual benefit and for the area developement as contemplated.

Hence there is no need or justification to divide the SCs which is not in the interests of the Country as a whole. Justice Usha Mehra 3 Oct, It shows the Mala population as Justice Usha Mehra Commission reports that there was an unanimous resolution by the State Legislature dated, 10 th December The report of the Justice Usha Mehra Commission is perfunctory and incomplete as there was no basis on which particularly with reference to each caste were obtained and its authunticity is doubtful as there was no mention in the census format about sub-caste details.

CSR Compendium Touching lives of many. Hence, the report is inaccurate and commissio with the Census figures. Meera Kumar, the Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment who belong to the group of Madiga caste without any concern for the remaining scheduled castes in the country.

Justice Mehra Commission was only asked to examine the various facets of the demand for sub-categorisation of SCs. But, in contrast, the Commission repor that the Adi-Andhras have concered more benefits limiting their population to just 1.


Justice Usha Mehra panel may give interim report: The Commission’s effort to unduly favour the Madigas by quoting the speeches of the Dr. For instance, in A. It is a fact that there are still lakhs of SCs children who are not admitted to schools in spite of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan Scheme and there is inadequate enrollment of students at all the levels and commmission the scholarships are not fully utilized by any District under any scheme, and the dropout rate of Scheduled Castes students, which is alarming.


It was not suggested to categorise the SCs. But, the Commission’s approach from inception appears that it had taken up the responsibility to categorise the SCs without proper application of mind and with a prejudice influenced by the political clout at the behest of the Hon’ble Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment and the Government of Andhra Pradesh which is espousing the cause of MRPS.

The women – both officers and constables – will be deployed in each of the capital’s police stations and handle sensitive cases related to the fairer sex. There are no reservations provided for the posts of High Courts Judges and Supreme Court Judges and there are also no reservations for the post of Ministers and Cabinet Ministers. Have you read these stories? Thus, the whole exercise of the Commission is futile. Thus, the observations of the Commission that Malas are cornering most of the benefits justicee meaningless and absolutely false.

Justice Mehra Commission reported the Madiga population as Thus, the observations particularly made with reference to Malas, that for Malas, Madigas are untouchables has no basis and irrelevant and biased and motivated.

Justice Usha Mehra Commission Submitted its Report to the Union Government of India

There are more than castes recognized as SCs in the Presidential List. Chinnaiah’s case wherein it was categorically said and held jkstice the Parliament is only having a limited power of making exclusion or inclusion in the list and there is no power either to sub-divide or sub-classify or sub-group these castes and that the castes mentioned in the list to be members of one group for the purpose of the constitution and this group could not be sub-divided for any purpose.

The schedule castes are not heterogeneous as commission is trying to portray.