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Hi, I have been researching the SEG for many years and I have the original transcripts of the SEG that was available at the start of the internet. John Searl, at that. John Roy Robert Searl (Wantage (Engeland), 2 mei ) is een omstreden te hebben geconstrueerd dat bekendstaat als de Searl Effect Generator (SEG). John Searl is the very stuff of myth and legend, at least, in the arcane circles of the Searl Effect Generator (SEG), suddenly “sprouted wings,” as it were, and.

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Rather, he wants to make enough of a profit that he can provide SEGs to African villages which have no electrical power at all. SMI will double its facility space and added personnel. The Institute of Infinity Sciences. While home ionizers have long been available, negative ion technology is now literally taking the field, in the form of passive ion emitter strips on state-of-the-art digital camouflage uniforms produced by HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp.

Simply put, it sucks energy right out of your being, degrades brain performance, and is basically devitalizing by its very nature.

The leading SEG development organization is now. The SEG redevelopment project will expand for The price for lifetime personal disconnection from the electrical grid, of never paying a power bill again? The Sunday, April 7, lecture. Now available are the latest of Prof. The leading SEG development organization is now unlimited and united to freely engage Energy and Transportation business searll. The Searl Effect Generator SEG functions along swg principles of a linear induction motor LIMbut designed around a circular track for continuous motion of movable rotors.

The Free Press interviews F.

Informatie Gebruikersportaal Snelcursus Hulp en contact Donaties. Technical Definition of a Surface Operating SEG A Plate cross-sectional view showing the set material component layers The generator consists of three stator rings called Plates that are composed of four distinctively different materials concentrically layered to each other and fixed to a base.

Adding to the mounting evidence of the SEG’s form and functions, the latest video demonstrates why rollers will rotate by tracing the path of electrical flow. A laboratory examination also agrees that somehow the material changes its state when jonn in this manner. In deed Anders Heerfordt onderzoek naar Searls claims betreffende de apparaten en demonstraties, maar hij kon geen bewijzen vinden.


Frictionless operation enables the SEG to operate without sealr wear and thus enabling it to operate with a service expectancy of a lifetime. With our World in the midst of an emerging energy crisis along with massive and constant environmental damage from forest destruction to ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

The inner transformer output is fed in to the input of the second plate which increases the output of the second unit, which output feeds as an input to the final unit, thereby increasing its final output to a very high voltage. Overgenomen van ” https: Godin, chief engineer, IHT relied not on reports and drawings but actual device building and lab tests to determine for themselves whether the Searl Effect was real and if it worked as advertised. These inductive pickup coils are connected in various configurations to supply AC power at a variety of desired voltage and current levels to suit residential or industrial applications.

SMIelected to NO longer be a “limited” subsidiary to any unsuitable arrangment. Progress webpage The SEG principle force of rotation confirmed Adding to the mounting evidence of the SEG’s form and functions, the latest video demonstrates why rollers will rotate by tracing the path of electrical flow.

This is a public notice that as of JuneSearl Magnetics, Inc. Ook hiervan zijn geen bewijzen. Uit Wikipedia, de vrije encyclopedie. Each segment cannot be less than 34 grams in weight, as the law of the squares defines that value as the lowest value suitable for the reasonable generation of electricity.

John Searl

John Searl offers a global solution that can harness economically clean, sustainable and unlimited renewable energy. The output windings can be designed to step down the output to a standard volts at the rate of about 15 Kilowatts for a home unit.

The inner most Plate typically has 12 rollers, 22 on the second stage and 32 on the final Plate. Searl beweert dat hij er in december in geslaagd is zijn apparaat te vervaardigen in de schuur achter zijn huis.

Update The SEG redevelopment project will expand for These, it is said, would segg 15 KW kilowatt units capable of powering a home and everything in it, with power to spare. This SEG mockup is a recent development towards a working prototype which demonstrates many of the core principles of the SEG in motion.


John Searl Makes a Comeback | Atlantis Rising Magazine Library

Seems he was something of a rock star in their eyes. This part then goes on to explain the complex structure of the magnetic rollers, which somewhat mirrors that of the rings. John Searl’s Book Volumes for of updates and educational informaltion. These redial currents though the seal makes for mechnical motion at right angles to both the electric and magnetic fields.

The Searl Solution

Nor is he concerned with making a killing swg the process. Next article The Mystery of the Nampa Image. If you thought regenerative braking on hybrids was something, just wait until you think in terms of having SEGs attached to the wheels, generating power and recharging the battery pack as the vehicle rolls down kohn road.

When he states that something is impossible. Er is geen bewijs voor het bestaan van dit apparaat en ook de bekende natuurwetten sluiten de theoretische mogelijkheid van een dergelijk apparaat uit. Each roller set consists of 8 segments constructed from 32 components. Zero emissions at the vehicle.

Thereafter, the SEG came up to speed by itself. In andere projecten Wikimedia Commons. Init became clear that these magnetic bubbles contained particles in a set manner and that there was a set pattern to how many bubbles were present in the material. The generator consists of three stator rings called Plates that are composed of four distinctively different materials concentrically layered to each other and fixed to a base.

Voor deze sensationele claim is door hem nooit een onafhankelijk bewijs geleverd.

Yes, disbelief suspenders are popping all over, but in the interview you can hear him say it for himself. When the rollers are brought into close proximity to the SEG plate.