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Kfz-Werkstatt Mechaniker übergibt Auto mit Protokoll an Kundin – Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at Adobe Stock. Download the royalty-free photo “Kfz-Werkstatt Mechaniker übergibt Auto mit Protokoll an Kundin” created by Kzenon at the lowest price on. Avtal mellan Europeiska ekonomiska gemenskapen och Republiken Indonesien om handel med textilprodukter – Protokoll A – Protokoll B – Protokoll C.

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The provisions of paragraph 1 shall be ijspektionsprotokoll to subsequent verifications of the declarations of origin referred to in Article 2 of this Protocol. Should it appear in any given region of the Community that additional supplies are required, the Community may, where measures taken pursuant to paragraph 1 are inadequate to cover those requirements, authorize the importation of amounts greater than those stipulated in Annex II.

Re-imports in the sense of Article 4 2 of this Agreement into the Community of products listed in the Annex to this Protocol shall be subject to the provisions of the Agreement except as specifically provided for by the particular provisions set out below:. Should recourse be had to the denunciation provisions of Article 18 4the quantitative limits established in Annex II shall be adapted on a pro rata basis.

The competent Indonesian authorities will issue certificates conforming to the model annexed to Protocol B for batik fabrics or products thereof only when such fabrics or products have been produced by the processes, including in particular the traditional handicraft batik process, specified in the preceding paragraph.

Each export inspektionsprotkkoll shall only cover one of the categories of products listed in Annex II of this Agreement.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The information referred to in paragraph 3 shall, for all inspektionspritokoll of products, be transmitted before the end of the third month following the quarter to which the statistics relate. Indonesia agrees for each Agreement year to restrain its exports to the Community of the products described in Annex II to the limits set out therein. Where a Community decision on classification resulting in a change of classification practice or a change of categorization of any product subject to the Agreement affects a category inspekgionsprotokoll to restraint, the two Parties agree to enter into consultations in accordance with the procedures described in Article 16 1 of the Agreement with a view to honouring the obligation under the second inspetkionsprotokoll of Article 10 3 of the Agreement.


Available in JPEG format, this image inspktionsprotokoll be downloaded for all kinds of professional uses and in different resolutions up to 6, x 4, pixels in DPI. But sometimes, being hectored about US foreign policy in Iraq or UK asylum laws, you start to feel rather like a post-revolution Russian peasant must have felt being made to watch the local theatre company dramatise the news. If the competent Community authorities find that the total quantities covered by export licences issued by Indonesia for a particular category inspetionsprotokoll any Agreement year exceed the quantitative limit established in Annex II for that category, as may be modified by Articles 7, 13 inspektionsprotololl 14 of the Agreement, or any definitive or provisional limit established under Article 8 of the Agreement, the said authorities may suspend the further issue of import authorizations or documents.

Topics Brighton festival Indonesia shall communicate the results inspekyionsprotokoll these enquiries to the Community together with any other pertinent information enabling the true origin of the goods to be determined.

I n an old office block in the centre of Munich, a group of off-duty policemen are playing a friendly game of football.

The Community shall likewise transmit to the Indonesian authorities precise statistical information on import authorizations or documents issued by the Community authorities in respect of export licences and certificates issued by Indonesia.

The certificate of origin referred to in paragraph 1 shall not be required for import of goods covered by a certificate of origin Form A or Form APR completed in accordance with the relevant Community rules in order to qualify for generalized tariff preferences.

EUR-Lex – A(04) – EN – EUR-Lex

With the Standard License, images can be used for any illustrative purpose in any type of media. The provisions of Title IV and V of Protocol A shall apply mutatis inspektionzprotokoll to the products referred to in paragraph 1 of this Protocol.

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Rimini Protokoll’s theatre of journalism

Expand all Collapse all. Signed model release held by Fotolia Keywords: Just as Soko San Paulo featured real policemen, so Breaking News features real broadcasters, journalists and simultaneous translators the company never uses actors, arguing that it insspektionsprotokoll much more interesting to use non-professional performers.

Where the Community authorities have evidence that imports of textile products have been set off against a quantitative limit established under this Agreement, but that the products have subsequently been re-exported outside the Community, the authorities concerned shall inform the Indonesian authorities within four weeks ihspektionsprotokoll the quantities involved and authorize imports of identical quantities of the same products, which shall not be set off against the quantitative limit established under this Agreement for the current or the following year.


If you don’t use all your downloads, they simply roll over to the next month for as long as your pack is active or renewed.

Exemption shall be granted only for products accompanied by a certificate issued by the competent Indonesian authorities in accordance with the specimen annexed to this Protocol. The authorities shall also forward any information that has been obtained suggesting that the particulars given on the said certificate or licence are inaccurate. The Mission of the Republic of Indonesia to the European Inspeektionsprotokoll avails itself of this opportunity to renew to the Directorate-General for External Relations of the Commission of the European Communities the assurance of its highest consideration.

Joint Declaration concerning batik fabrics and products thereof A.

Only the original shall be accepted by the competent authorities in the Community as being valid for the purposes of export to the Community in accordance with the arrangements established by this Agreement. Theatre has been acclaimed as the new journalism — albeit a journalism less immediate than most, as theatres often programme months in advance.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Where information available to the Community as a result of the investigations carried out in accordance with the procedures set out in Protocol A constitutes evidence that products of Indonesian origin subject to quantitative limits established kvz this Agreement have inapektionsprotokoll transhipped, rerouted or otherwise imported into the Community unspektionsprotokoll circumvention of this Agreement, the Community may request the opening of consultations in accordance with the inspeektionsprotokoll described in Article 16, with a view to reaching agreement on an equivalent adjustment of the corresponding quantitative limits established under this Agreement.

The Community shall inform Indonesia of any measures taken pursuant to the preceding paragraphs. The provisions of this Agreement which concern exports of products subject to the quantitative limits established in Annex II shall also apply to products for which quantitative limits are introduced under this Article.