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IBM 7014-T42 PDF

The T00, T42, and racks can be extremely heavy when several drawers are present. The following table shows the necessary weight distribution distances for the T00, T42, and racks when loaded. The following table shows the necessary floor loading for. Learn about the supported feature codes that are available for T00, T42 and racks. Hardware specifications provide detailed information for your rack, including dimensions, electrical, power, temperature, environment, and.

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A typical rack will require a quantity of two side panels, unless the Rack Suite Attachment feature is ordered. It is for administrative use only and provides no parts.

7014-T42 IBM Rack Model T42

New design of standard rear door Attributes required: This broad product line ranges from powerful workstations to mission-critical symmetric multiprocessing SMP servers for ERP, SCM, CRM, transaction processing, web serving; demanding scientific and technical computing and business intelligence tasks. Specify 4EIA space Attributes required: Mounting hardware kit Attributes required: Both Suite Attach Kit 701-4t42 2.

Rack specify Attributes required: When multiple racks are 7014–t42 in this way, cables can be easily run between racks without 77014-t42 to exit the continuous rack enclosure.

Before installing rear door heat exchangers on your T42 rack, see Planning for the installation of rear door heat exchangers. Does not apply – Month Indicator Administrative indicator used to enable configuration of orders with a total quantity greater than thirty to be processed.


The maximum valid quantity for MES orders may be different than for initial orders. The rack extender is 20 inches deep.

All rack installations require careful site and 70144-t42 planning that is designed to both address the cumulative drawer heat output and provide the airflow volume rates necessary to comply with drawer temperature requirements.

No Max OS level required: It can be opened like any rear cover, so serviceability of racks fitted with a heat exchanger is as easy as a standard air cooled rack. Tue, November 13, Exactly one feature selection from the set and through must 0714-t42 included on all initial rack orders. As maintenance activities require access at both the front and the back, extra 714-t42 is needed.

The following diagram provides the caster and leveler locations for the T00T42,and racks. Connection between Rack Status Beacon components Attributes required: More than one feature code selection from this group is not allowed.

Optional ruggedized rack feature provides added earthquake protection with modular rear brace, concrete floor bolt down hardware, and bolt-in steel front filler panels. Each rack must be ordered with either a front door or a front trim kit but not both. But the front of the PDU will be unsupported toward the middle of the rack. They are painted to match the overall rack color and designed to present an attractive, finished appearance.


Front doors are 701-t42 available on white racks. If the rack is required to support redundant power system modules, a second PDU or should be ordered.

The PDU comes with a permanently attached 4. 701-4t42 of four per feature FC high end appearance side covers. As additional features are announced, supported, or withdrawn, this list will be updated.

Planning for the T00 and T42 racks

Featurewhen placed on an order will not affect the assembly of hardware items ordered as rack feature codes. Does not apply Rack Indicator, Rack 2 When added to an initial rack order, this indicator is used to specify the second rack for a multi-rack order.

Machine Type Rack order Minimum required: Selection of this indicator will direct the order to a system plant for fulfillment. Acoustic doors are available for the IBM racks.

Does not apply – Minute Indicator Administrative indicator used to enable configuration of orders with a total quantity greater than thirty to be processed. FC high end appearance front door.

See your server or hardware specifications for specific requirements 3.