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SISTEMA NERVIOSO CENTRAL SISTEMA NERVIOSO PERIFERICO SISTEMA NERVIOSO SIMPATICO Y PARASIMPATICO CAUSAS. Hoja blastodérmica – Free definition results from over online dictionaries. English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘capas blastodérmicas’.

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Two figures Edga: The exact level varies but slightly. A more complete discussion of them is reserved for a later communication.

Figure 12, taken from experiment 62, shows the effect of forty-eight hours’ heaUng of a wound of the somatopleure produced with a hot needle. What, for instance, is hojqs exact mode of origin of the ophthalmic ramus of the trigeminus in the mammal? The proximal articular ends of these phalanges are cartilaginous.

ENDODERMO – Definition and synonyms of endodermo in the Spanish dictionary

blastodermicaw The otic rhombomere shows the mid-ventral swelling which is so characteristic of it. The latter, however, are not favorable for determining the ventral extremity of the ganglion, but allow one to judge of the integrity of the inner surface of the placode.

Petrus Camper, D 1. The acoustico—facial anlage rests closely against the medial surface of the cephalic extremity of the placode; there is no intervening mesenchyme. The wrist is extended and the hand is adducted towards the ulnar side.

The terminal phalanges have ossification centers at their distal ends. Giglio-Tos has obviously confused mesenchymal condensations with ganglionic material.

Figure 34 is a transection through the hojaz of the trigeminal ganglion of an somite rat embryo. He noted that the time of closure of the wound was directh’ dependent on its size and that the ectoderm reacted more rapidly than the entoderm, due, he believed, to its greater elasticity and the firmer manner in which the cells are held together.


A few were stained on the slide in iron haematosylin or in haematoxylin and orange G. Evidently, then, the teratological evidence indicates that the more rapidly developing skeletal blastemal-chondrous or osseous axial zone is the nonnal stimulus in nmscular development, and if it is ab- sent entirely or very much reduced, we find also retarded develop- ment in the musculature. The italics are mine. The last is deemed most probable. The histological and cytological 93 94 EZRA ALLEN conditions revealed upon examination are of sufficient interest for description not only for the light they throw upon certain problems connected with the Sertoli tissue, but also because they indicate the value of further experiments along the lines of their causes.

They probably have no phylogenetic import. The anlage extends through thirteen 10 u sections on the right and twelve on the left. The fixative was replaced with 70 per cent alcohol by the drop method, the picric acid washed out with the help of lithium carbonate in 70 per cent alcohol, and dehych”ation completed in anilin oil. These groups of spermatozoa then seem to have dragged with them some of the Sertoli cytoplasm, which under favorable conditions may be seen extending nearly across the.

In frontal section it is separated from the midbrain anteriorly and rhombomere 2 posteriorly by shallow grooves.


The chorionic sac measured 20 x 19 x 10 mm. Some degenerating cells and some phagocytes may be found among the ganglion cells, but they occur predominantly in the arch mesenchyme, becoming very abundant in later stages. It is without doubt an expres- sion of great forward growth and expansion in restricted quarters. Blastodermicaw radius is the largest and longest bone of the upper extrem- ity.

Meaning of “endodermo” in the Spanish dictionary

nlastodermicas Note especially absence of the spinal lamina as well as the cranial vault in the dorsal aspect fig. Saturated aqueous solution of lithium carbonate. The healing process seems to be accomplished through a general movement of cells and cell layers and changes in the cells which, with modi- fication, may be called dediff erentiation ; only at a later period can we consider normal cell multiplication as a factor in wound repair.

I have not seen injured cells, i. The mesodermal stalk lateral to the pharynx has not grown appreciably. According to Jordan and Blastodrmicas, certain arterial branches enter the islets and form a plexus of large capillaries from which the blood is drained through the venous system. It was learned that the cat was about a year old and had always been peculiarly active and irritable. Stained with iron haema- toxylin and acid fuchsin.