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Octavio Paz, who searches for the identity of the Mexican people in his study entitled El . In section IV, “Los Hijos de la Malinche,” Paz explains how the word . In this chapter, Octavio Paz discusses the fact that machismo is an offshoot of Mexican historical patterns. He relates . The symbol of this violation is doña Malinche, the mistress of Cortés. When we shout “¡Viva México, hijos de la chingada!. all Mexicans as hijos de puta (sons of raped women) or los Pachuco s and Key words: Identity, Mexico, Pachuco s, La Malinche, Octavio Paz, Gloria Anzaldúa.

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It would be worth while to examine that verb. It is worth studying the significance of this fact. One word sums up the aggressiveness, insensitivity, invulnerability and other attributes of the macho: At the outset, a part of society regards the extermination of other groups with indifference, or even contributes to their persecution, because it is corrupted by internal hatreds.

He is power isolated in its own potency, without relationship or compromise with the outside world. Actually there are no causes and effects, merely a complex of interpenetrating reactions and tendencies.

Es sabido que detestaba a los obreros tanto como a los burgueses. He opens the world; in doing so, he rips and tears it, and this violence provokes a great, sinister laugh.

Cuando salen, lo hacen brusca, brutalmente, en forma de alarido, de reto, de ofensa. O dicho de otro modo: Of a nameless wrong: The details of the image formed of us often vary with the spectator, but it is always an ambiguous if not contradictory image: He is not the founder of a people; he is not a patriarch who exercises nijos potestas ; he is not a king or a judge or the chieftain of a clan. Death is pax but at the same time repelled because of the uncertainty behind it.

As such, does she bide life within herself, or death? Hay tantos matices como entonaciones: On the other hand, there is profound devotion to Christ as the Son of God, as the youthful God, above all as the victimized Redeemer. The world of terrorism, like that of mass production, is a world of things, of utensils. He becomes the son of Nothingness. Her taint is constitutional and resides, as we said earlier, in her sex. The European considers Mexico to be a country on the margin of universal history, and everything that is distant from the center of his society strikes him as strange and impenetrable.


The verb chingar signifies the triumph of the closed, the male, the powerful, over the open. The essays are predominantly concerned with the theme of Mexican identity and demonstrate how, at the end of the existential labyrinth, there is a profound feeling of solitude.

The macho commits chingaderasthat is, unforseen acts that produce confusion, horror and destruction. On the other hand, he is the first principle, the One, from whom all is born and to whom all must return.

Women in World History: PRIMARY SOURCES

En casi codas panes chingarse es salir burlado, fracasar. She loses her name; she is no one; she disappears into nothingness; she is Nothingness. This conception of social life as combat fatally divides society into the strong and the weak. All their relationships are poisoned by fear and suspicion: We odtavio ourselves as we really are.

It does not matter. The pleasure that many Spaniards, including some of their greatest poets, derive from allusions to body wastes, and from mixing excrement with sacred matters, is reminiscent of children playing with mud. El laberinto de la soledad is a book-length essay by Octavio Pazfirst published in Therefore, when he is aware of himself he is aware of his lack of another, that is, of his solitude.

In Argentina a torn dress is a vestido chingado. The Labyrinth of Solitude Spanish: To the Mexican it hljos in being the fruit of a violation.

The Labyrinth of Solitude – Wikipedia

The word is our sign and seal. Finally, there is no especial veneration for God the Father in the Trinity. The class is stronger than the individual and his personality dissolves in the generic. Almost everywhere chingarse means to be made a fool of, to be involved in a fiasco.


Vale la pena detenerse en e1 significado de esta voz.

What is necessary is to isolate certain traits and emotions that cast a particular light on the universal condition of man. Historical circumstances explain our character octavvio the extent that our character explains those circumstances.


It is noteworthy that our images of the working class are not colored with similar feelings, even though the worker also lives apart from the center of society, physically as well as otherwise, in districts and special communities. He must live alone, without witnesses. Each keeps watch over the other because every companion could also be a traitor. Guadalupe is pure receptivity, and the benefits she bestows are of the same order: Finally, there is no especial veneration for God the Father in the Trinity.

It would not be difficult to perceive certain homosexual inclinations also, such as the use and abuse of the pistol, a phallic symbol which discharges death rather than life, and the fondness for exclusively masculine guilds. Distant, vague and indeterminate. Solitude, the source of anxiety, begins on the day we are deprived of maternal protection and fall into a strange and hostile world.

The Mexican does not want to be either an Indian or a Spaniard. Each letter and syllable has a double life, at once luminous and obscure, that reveals and hides us.