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Oct 25, hg clone mercurial-repo real URL is hg/ cd project/ $ hg init # A basic tutorial. Feb 24, Joel Spolsky has put together an extensive Mercurial tutorial with lots of examples and a humorous approach. “Finally, if you haven’t collapsed. Feb 24, If this is advertising, I want more of it. As an SVN curmudgeon, the first part of this tutorial finally persuaded me that I really, really need to give.

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The commands and concepts in hg map onto equivalents in cvs very nicely.

The branch model, bare repositories, and command equivalence table were especially helpful for someone like myself who has used both systems but never fully understood the distinctions. Mercurial makes collaboration easy, fast, and productive. After riding a dinosaur for awhile, it hit me that I suddenly had a chance to get Kiln a legitimate mascot.

Just use git-svn Posted Feb 25, I tried Hg first and failed. The reluctance to accept it is a bit perplexing to me. I said git local operations are way faster, google them. This is megcurial all technical guides should be.

My guess is that there is some intelligence that can tell that “foo missing there, and foo added here” is actually just “foo moved from there to here”, unlike SVN, which attempts no such heuristics. That is one awesomely written tutorial.

Quick Start

Posted Feb 26, 0: Having branches in the linux repo would be unmanageable. Lorin on Feb 25, Although I wouldn’t be using mercurial myself, I gave this a point simply because of the great site design and layout. I don’t use windows much but msysgit is good.

How about ‘hg push -f’ or ‘bzr push –overwrite’? In a way it is easy since git provides many more auditing features, but the process does not look so rosy. I rarely print articles, but this would be worth it.


Hg Init: a Mercurial tutorial by Joel Spolsky It’s a pretty | Hacker News

I think Google Code also does Mercurial now. But you can also Fly. Understanding Git can certainly be expected from developers – if they can’t figure Git, they should look for a another job, or at least I certainly don’t want them on my team. The footnote from Google’s article[1] on choosing between Mercurial and git states that Hg was faster both over HTTP and when compared to git’s wire protocol.

I definitely found it easier than git, but that could be possibly chalked up to my bad introduction to git.

Would any of this transfer to understanding how git works as well? They have good GUI and Windows support although subversion has been improving a lot lately. All you have to do is right click on the right folder or files in Explorer, and select a context menu entry. They’re routine operations that every software developer needs to deal with.

If you speak of Mercurial’s changesets and revisions, they are clearly not trivially computed from one another, being that a revision is clone-specific, and a changeset is a hash computed on a single file by looking at all it’s ancestors’ states.

Git has mercudial expected heuristics to decide whether a file is binary or text, along with the ability tutorail add a hint if you need to. I always enjoy reading Joel’s writing, regardless of whether I happen to agree with whatever he’s saying. It is easy to discover what pending changes there are in the repository.

Posted Feb 27, 0: They don’t need and don’t want to manage branches. During the already almost five years where I’ve been involved in hg, I’ve never seen a single case of problem with truncate. If you neglect to configure a username TortoiseHg will ask you to enter one when you try to mfrcurialwhich is the first time a username is actually required. Posted Feb 25, The above comment may seem negative but that’s not the intention.


We were looking for a good mascot for Kiln, but unfortunately, all of the animals that we consulted were already in exclusive mercueial with other products except for Strigiphilus garylarsoni and the inverted flame-weasel, neither of which we felt represented our product well.

No that’s just programmer masochism. You have to write your own extensions to copy bookmarks files around automatically or just do it manually.

They are private by convention sure.

To be honest, having upstream devs mecrurial care about the cross-platform stuff is enough to make hg a clear win for me compared to having a secondary port for Windows. Luyt on Feb 24, Did someone also notice Kiln has a Dodo as logo? I apologise if I misunderstood what you were saying! Not all software projects are as complex as the Linux kernel, not all developers need the complexity of git.

QuickStart – Mercurial

There was a recent article by Martin Fowler http: In comparison svn advocates are patron saints of the arts. It happens all the time and you never notice it. I am interested in tutorrial like Hg, though.

Context diffs have the same problem as the graphical output: In all honesty, I only use mq as a staging area and ignore it’s other features most of the time, and using mq only onit a staging area is just as easy as using git’s staging area.