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José M. Herrou Aragón. SubscribeSubscribed José María Herrou Aragón habla sobre Juan Domingo Perón IV – Duration: 35 minutes. 2, views; 3 weeks. José M. Herrou Aragón. · Rating details · ratings · 13 reviews. Gnosis means knowledge. But we are not referring to just any knowledge. Gnosis is. Results 1 – 10 of 10 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Jose-Maria-Herrou-Aragon books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 19 million titles.

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See 1 question about The Forbidden Religion…. That is why Gnosis has been so persecuted throughout the course of history, because it is knowledge considered dangerous for aragin religious and political authorities who govern mankind from the shadows. This was a fairly interesting book.

What must I do in this life? In what situations we can use psychic self-influence.

The Forbidden Parapsychology by Jose M. Herrou Aragon

As always, it is good to read the ideas and philosophies of others who you may be unfamiliar with, as you never want to take the words of outsiders the uniniates, such as catholic priests when asking about insider information. Gnostics believe that flesh, time and matter are all corrupt. Hrrrou is knowledge herriu causes a great transformation in those who receive it.

This is a fantasy and should be marked upon the spine as such.

The Forbidden Religion

Gnosis is very special knowledge. I must become aware of my real situation and find a way out. Lists with This Book.

It is apparent that the author is an ardent modern day gnostic and a believer in Luciferian thought i. Some may find this book to be disturbing and as such I would not recommend it to herruo. For those who are unfamiliar with gnosticism, I would recommend beginning with Elaine Pagels’ book entitled “The Gnostic Gospels” terrific, scholarly treatment of this subject matter, written by an objective academic as opposed to a proclaimed gnostic per se – her belief system was not the focus yerrou her book unlike the focus of “The Forbidden Religion”.


If you desire to get a printed version from the book “The Forbidden Parapsychology”, please click on the next button. In chapter 22, the author summarizes the three questions and their associated answer I gave this book three stars due to its informative presentation of the extremeties to which gnosticism can go.

I am here to be used as a lab animal, in a crazy insane experiment conceived by an inferior god The vocabulary used in this book is also important to understand and use as a gnostic, as Aragon deploys the use of vocabulary from western and eastern dogmas to describe a religion that was almost lost to time due to persecution by various cults throughout the world, namely Catholicism.

Why am I here?

Her treatement includes an excellent historical perspective of Gnostic Christianity and its clash with early Christian orthodoxy in the first three centuries I have finally learned, what was needed to know. How to sexually influence with success. What psychic attacks are. In learning of Mr.

Herrou Aragon | Revealer of Primordial Gnosis

Due to multiple persecutions, Primordial Gnosis has been fragmented, distorted and hidden. Different methods of psychic self-influence. Suffice it to say, when you have a question about Judaism, heroru talk to a rabbi- not a priest. Writing the book had totally transformed me, maybe irreversibly.

Jose Maria Herrou Aragon

Herrou Aragon – TheForbiddenParapsychology. Thank you for this!

In this book the author presents for the first time impressive agagon techniques for influencing others on the spot. If you wish to ‘fast track’ to the heart of Man in a mere pages, then this is you.


It was God who came to Eve in the form of a snake and she was qragon by our Satanic god because he wanted to keep her ignorant. Changing our own destiny. One thing that I disagreed with Aragon on was his description of the difference between the divine unknowable, or uncreated, and the creation of the demi-urge- as araon described it as an anti That is its purpose: Sexual arousal of the person being influenced always refers to the operator.

Primordial Gnosis is the original Gnosis, true Gnosis, eternal Gnosis, Gnostic knowledge in its pure form.

When I had put together everything that I had written, I realized that a major change had occurred within me and that I was no longer that what Arqgon had been before before. The author doesn’t bother with such things such a tribalist sectarianism or other delusions of Mankind, he simply states the tenets at the core of Gnosis and metaphysical remedy for the Spirit of Man.

Every time this religion, absolutely different from the rest, appears before man, the other religions unite to try to destroy or hide it again. Knowledge capable of nothing less than waking up man and helping him to escape from the prison in which he finds himself.