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Importance of Garbhadhana Samskara: If one is not purified by the process of the seed giving ceremony, or garbhadhana samskara he is. One of the most important aspects of the Daiva Varnasrama culture or Sanatana Dharma culture, is Garbhadhana-samskara. Garbhadhana-samskara is a great. What is Garbhadhana Samskara? According to Varnashrama (the civilized society) the civilized people in society would perform the purificatory ritual before .

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To prevent her from going elsewhere for satisfaction the husband should concede to her demands, though not according the scriptural recommendations of proper time.

Importance of Garbhadhana Samskara

The prime importance is given to Jupiter’s occupancy of lagna, 5th or 9th. Sexual intercourse in which the husband is attracted to the wife is sure to produce a male child, but sexual intercourse based on attraction of the wife for the husband may produce a girl. Although seen by the police, a criminal is sometimes not immediately punished; the police wait for the proper time to apprehend him.

Sexual union during the odd days of the menstrual cycle szmskara tend to produce a female body in the child, whereas union performed on an even dhinam will bring forth a male body. Transcendental competition A Devotee lives always in the company of the Lord! Smaskara Chapters 13 – This is the most important samskara which Srila Prabhupada has emphasised in all his purports on the subject. The wife should be bathed, free from anger, in good spirits, in good health, neither samsiara or overfed and desirous of her husband.


The lagna may be aspected by the masculine planets, viz. By that process a human being is made perfect.

Garbhadhana – Wikipedia

But it is gwrbhadhana hard to say who is observing. Therefore the acaryas have emphasised the importance of undergoing all of the samskaras. The culture of a human being begins when the father invests his semen in the womb of the mother.

So there is some meaning in the caste system.

Kasyapa warned his wife that because Lord Siva would see their sex indulgence, the time was not appropriate. Images copyright Bhaktivedanta Booktrust, Krishna.


In the next part of life, one may accept a wife and beget children, but one should garvhadhana beget children like cats and dogs. There everything under regulation. That is the philosophy of Lord Caitanya. That is very much sinful. The ingredients vary when the couple desire for a fair, dark, or brown son or a scholarly daughter.

The husband must satisfy himself only with his wife, with no one else or by any other means. So one doctor, in India, he was permanently keeping different bloods for different persons.

Devahuti wanted the passion of her husband to be increased by the arrangement mentioned in the kama-sastra.

This is very bad time, evening. They wanted first-class son, not sons like cats and dogs, first-class son. For this purpose the garbhadhana samskara is recommended in the Vedic scriptures SB 3. The different Grhyasutras differ in their point of view, whether the garbhadhana is to be performed only once, before the first conception, or every time before the couple plan to have additional children.


He embraces her and says: That should be the advantage of children born of a father and mother absorbed in Krsna consciousness.

GarbhaDhana Samskara-Very Important consideration for Grihasthas : Krishna

The pious seminal succession in the twice born families of the brahmanas and ksatriyas especially, as samskarz as in the families of vaisyas also, must be kept very pure by the observation of the purificatory process samksaras beginning with garbhadhana samskara, which is observed before conceiving a child. This ceremony molds the mentality of the father in such a way that when he plants his seed in the womb of his wife, he will beget a child whose mind will be completely saturated with a devotional attitude.

Numbering the nights from the start wamskara the menses of the woman, then at least the first four nights are forbidden for sexual activity.

On the fourth day, the couple go to the husband’s house and caturthi homa is performed. Not that “I am today very sexually agitated. Overcoming thoughts of sense gratification When She finally opened Her eyes, Krishna was the Favorable Nakshatras Uttara, uttarashada, uttarabhadra, mrigasira, gaarbhadhana, hasta, anuradha, rohini, swathi, sravana, satabhisha.