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The autobiography of Albert Pierrepoint, a Yorkshireman who for twentyfive years served as the public executioner in both the UK and Ireland. Pierrepoint comes. Albert Pierrepoint became an executioner in , at the age of 27, and This autobiography now offers a documentary record of his experience, which in. Executioner has ratings and 11 reviews. Executioner: Pierrepoint. .. fascinating autobiography of Albert Pierrepoint who was hangman in the U.K. for .

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To ask other readers questions about Executionerplease sign up. Contents My Father and my Uncle Tom.

Capital punishment, in my view, achieved nothing except revenge. The metal eye through which the rope was looped was placed under the left jawbone which, when the prisoner dropped, wn the head aytobiography and broke the spine. He stated to the Commission: In the months before he hanged Christie, Pierrepoint undertook another controversial execution, that of Derek Bentleya year-old man who had been an accomplice of Christopher Craig, a year-old boy who shot and killed a policeman.

He approached his task with gravity, and said that the execution was “sacred to me”. I wanted to run my own business so that I should be under no obligation when I took time off. Books [ edit ] Bailey, Brian Pierrepoint comes out against the death penalty Just as Pierrepoint pushed the lever, Richter jumped up with bound feet.

Hanging in the Balance: Coslett, Paul 19 August Global Issues and Prospects. He was brought to the scaffold where a strap was wrapped around his ankles, followed by a cap and noose.

Executioner: Pierrepoint. Albert Pierrepoint

Pierrepoint’s autobiography does not give any reasons for his resignation—he states that the Prison Commissioners asked him to keep the details private. Nov 30, Chris Wright rated it really liked it. One hell of a job this man had!! Albert Pierrepoint became an executioner inat the age of 27, and resigned his office aj Official Executioner in Ellis was in an abusive relationship with David Blakely, a racing driver; she shot him four times after what her biographer, Jane Dunn, calls “three days of sleeplessness, panic, and pathological jealousy, fuelled by quantities of Pernod and a reckless consumption of tranquillizers”.


For most of that time a Pierrepoint was nominated as the official executioner.

An Autobiography Albert Pierrepoint No preview available – My library Help Advanced Book Search. Nor did I leave the list, as one newspaper said, by being arbitrarily taken off rxecutioner, to shut my mouth, because I was about to reveal the last words of Ruth Ellis.

It was quite interesting but takes a rather strange tone throughout. Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Pierrepoint served as an uncredited technical adviser on this film, to ensure the authenticity of the hanging scene.

It’s interesting to note that Pierrepoint didn’t relish in what he did and looked to treat his victims with as much humanity and dignity as he could and finally came to believe that there was no deterrent effect in capital punishment and that once people started using While some have mentioned that this is a little long winded I started to ignore the lyrics of songs that are intermittently strewn about the narrative it was still an interesting read because of the perspective that it came from.

Bailey comments that Pierrepoint “never had to hang anybody”. Pierrepoint secured the man’s arms behind his back with a leather strap, and all five walked through a second door, which led to the execution chamber. As Richter plummeted through the trapdoor, Pierrepoint could see that the noose had slipped, but it became stuck under Richter’s nose. He wrote to the Prison Commissioners to point out that he had received a full fee in other cases of reprieve, and that he had spent additional money in employing bar staff.

John Savage rated it really liked it Apr 22, The prisoner was walked to a marked spot on the trapdoor whereupon Pierrepoint placed a white hood over the prisoner’s head and a noose around his neck.

Pierrepoint described his approach to hanging in his autobiography. Put this book out of its misery Pierrepoint, Britain’s last hangman, used a system of variable drops to snap the convict’s neck instantly autoblography killing them as humanely as possible. These two factoids were enough to get me reading – but once I was reading Mar 25, Richard O’Brien rated it really liked it. Emma Wardle rated it liked it Oct 02, Two weeks later he received from the instructing sheriff a cheque for his travelling expenses, but not his execution fee.


Albert Pierrepoint

Mar 26, Claire Tomonaga rated it liked it. Bentley was described in his autobiogrraphy as:. Executioner, Pierrepoint Albert Pierrepoint No preview available – There were soon rumours in the press that his resignation was connected with the hanging of Ellis.

If the drop was calculated correctly, the prisoner’s neck should be broken, resulting in a quick death.

Albert Pierrepoint – Wikipedia

The press was invited to observe the process, and pictures were later circulated which suggested the hangings had been poorly done. One of the events I wish he had touched more on was the fact that he hung Timothy Evans who was innocent and then hung Christie who had really committed the murders.

Rhodes James, Robert There have been murders since the beginning of time, and we shall go on looking for deterrents until the end of time. The Politics of the Rope: From entering the condemned man’s cell to opening the trapdoor took him a maximum of 12 seconds.

The British Journal of Sociology. All the men and women whom I have faced xn that final moment convince me that in what I have done I have not prevented a single murder.

In March Pierrepoint hanged Timothy Evansa year-old man who had the vocabulary of a year-old and the mental age of a ten-year-old. He was turned down as there were no vacancies, but received an invitation for interview six months later. Michelle Pugh rated it it was amazing Jan 19,