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Galardonada en con el Premio de la Crítica, El embrujo de Shanghai es una estremecedora fábula sobre los sueños y las derrotas de niños y adultos. Editions for El embrujo de Shanghai: (Paperback published in ), (Paperback published in ), (Paperback. El embrujo de Shanghai. Front Cover. Juan Marsé. Debolsillo, – Fiction – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for El embrujo de Shanghai.

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Within the main story there’s another one, a Chinese story that has nothing to do with the rest of the events even though it’s well shot and reminds one of the days of film noir.

Editions of El embrujo de Shanghai by Juan Marsé

Una liga roja en un muslo moreno, This is one of those rare gems that does not stray from its purpose – to be a celebration of love and romance – and intelligent tale of two teens during a hectic timebeing splendidly recreated. It would be the first of a long list of awards, including the Premio Biblioteca Breve, Premio Planeta and Premio Nacional, which would culminate in with his winning the Premio Cervantes. Shanghia lives on the films she is told. An agreeable story plenty of intense dramaamusing momentsmoving feelings and tragic finale.

The film is deepbut never somberno small accomplishment from Fernando Trueba and his team.

Juan Marsé: El embrujo de Shanghai (Shanghai Nights)

Neo Noir ab So in her case, films influence her life, more than her life influences the films. The boy ends the film in a nearly empty film room, crying over the innocence he also lost, and accepting the film that comes to him. An adaptation of a novel does not diminish its source; instead, it opens up a space for dialogue between the two works, thus enriching the world of both literature and film.


La oscura historia de la prima Montse La muchacha de las bragas de oro, Ep Libertad provisional The Anita of Ariadna Gil is white trash. Fernando Trueba displays a heavy hand in this film that tries to evoke the era in which the action happens. David inhabits a fantasy world, fuelled by the films he sees at his local cinema and by images of war —Spitfires crashing into the sea, the xhanghai bomb dropped on Hiroshima— and by the image embrujp an RAF pilot whose photograph is pinned fmbrujo his bedroom wall.

This intelligentdelightful motion picture was well directed by Fernando Trueba.

Filmed in his usual formal and luxurious stylewithout leaving a trace the brooding themesin terms of entertainment and narrative excitement. In the beginning he claims he can’t draw by heart, but than we see he makes his most important drawings by heart the captain’s and the girl’s portraits. Novel Esa puta shanyhai distinguida, Especially as the cast could hardly be better.

This is something in the line of what Spanish cinema has been exploring in later years.


El embrujo de Shanghai The story might be a bit twisted, you might have a bit of difficulty to follow exactly what’s going on, but the movie dee still worth watching. Now take the boy. This is an interesting story that blends tragic elementsadventurecontinuous flashbacks recreating an evocative Shanghai with breathtaking production design and many other things.

Trueba take us back to a Belle Epoque, please! Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Juab and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

When Lolita’s innocence is broken down, she ends selling tickets in a cinema theatre, and doesn’t look at the client, the magic is gone. Her tour de force is, perhaps, most notable in Ricardo Franco’s film.

Antonio Resines plays a very sober and convincing role. And I really liked the ending. Rather than taking a hierarchical approach to the novel and its two variations, a comparative approach is used that seeks to understand the unique choices of each director and how his vision can illuminate the source novel.

A very pleasant drama plenty of emotionsensitive scenespolitical intrigue about espionagetreason and mayhem. Non-fiction Momentos inolvidables del cine, Forcat wears an oriental clothing which we see the girl’s father wear in the invented story. Search Enter search terms: