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LISA SEE EL ABANICO DE SEDA EPUB – Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (Flor de Nieve y el Abanico Secreto) editada en español como ‘El abanico de seda’. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (Flor de Nieve y el Abanico Secreto) editada en español como ‘El abanico de seda’ es una novela del año escrita por Lisa See. Buy El Abanico De Seda/ the Silk Fan by Lisa See (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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What made it worthwhile overall was not only learning about their customs but the bitter-sweet friendship that Lilly and Snow Flower shared. This book is a very quick read, even though there are lots of parts where I wanted to put it down. It was definitely an interesting read and some concepts can be applicable even in modern times.

I did believe this story and all of it’s layers. The book was well written, but I did feel like it dragged in areas. The share ed secret fan, that they give back and forth. It also made me think a lot about the corrosive power of unresolved anger and trauma.


df If you have persistent cookies enabled abanuco well, then we will be able to remember you across browser restarts and computer reboots. To xbanico humiliate an already humiliated person who had everything to lose from the shunning while Lily had won only an egoist’s victory. Because the reality is very, very sad. I was fascinated, however, by the potential for beautiful prose but lists just don’t do that for me. Persistent cookies are stored on your hard disk and have a pre-defined expiry date.


Mediante sus mensajes, escritos o bordados en telas, abanicos y otros objetos, daban testimonio de un mundo tan sofisticado oisa implacable. I realize that comparing this to Memoirs of a Geisha is unfair, but I’ll do it anyway. I am finally done with 11 long hours of listening and I am still reeling from the aftertaste the book has left in my mouth.

Clearly the life of a woman in China was hard, and if I’d been asked that before reading this book, I’d have answered in the affirmative.

Carolyn Vasiliauskas the ‘s are the 19th century. View all 9 comments. View all 10 comments. If you want to read the interview questions and answers, read them on my blog hereas it is too long to put into a Goodreads review.

The story followed the life long friendship of Laotongs Lily and Snow Flower and is told from Sed point of view. Sometimes, we also lias a cookie to keep track of your trolley contents. I found a lot of similarities between the rural Chinese and Indian way of life. There were also many examples given of what I consider other horrendous customs and beliefs. This book was really quite depressing.

White boy oriental trash Memoirs of a Geisha has around five times the number of ratings of this and around four times srda of first place The Color Purplewhich should tell you something about how the contemporary reading hegemony on this site likes its women who are not white.

View all 5 comments. I thought this book was OK, I like the story, and understanding more of what the Chinese culture does to girls; it’s horrific and I can’t imagine me in their shoes.

I mean, everything in centred around making the husband feel like a king, if not the husband then the father, if not the father then the son. Read the full sseda here. This book made me feel claustrophobic.


This book is interesting in that it is very much a window into the world of women in 19th century China. Within a minute I could relate their bond to affirmative action, the psychological rules of attraction, my own dde friendships, and much more.


Lily’s character in relation to Snow Flower and the actions they take because of each other amaze me. Women are the givers of life. When our days are consumed with the sesa of running a home.

The book did an amazing job of really showing what China was like in the nineteenth century. Like I’ve said I’m a sucker for historical fiction esp about other cultures that aren’t my own. Women are still being thought of by some as bitches and the music of today does not help. Around the middle of the book, I found myself wishing that the author hadn’t accelerated the plot so much and had instead taken some extra pages to elaborate on the events that occurred.

The art of footbinding intrigued me. The story set in nineteenth-century when China people live with a lot old belief and tradition. I really appreciate the author’s effort to not It was good exercise to read about values and ideas that are so different from our modern, occidental ones. I even thought Snow Flower could have been brought in as a concubine.

Some do not even live through it.