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Ultimately, the Duskblade is not good at much else besides dealing damage, so this guide is mostly optimizing for more damage and some amount of utility. the-duskblade-handbook: A guide for the e Duskblade class. I was reading the Duskblade handbook, and I found some perplexing statements. Can you guys help me out? First, it cites this ridiculous post.

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As dusjblade the previous fist, this isn’t worth the trouble. Probably not worth a spell known unless you envision yourself setting up ceiling ambushes a lot or your party truly lacks some other way of moving vertically. Equipment This is a small selection of equipment that is powerful on typical Duskblade builds.

Rouse — Extremely situational, and not particularly useful even then. A decent choice if you have duskbladde casters in your party. You need access to the Draconic Hertiage feat itself, which you can get with the Dragontouched feat. You have all knowledges as class skills and this feat actually connects your skills with your fighting capabilities.

However, the class is probably only 5 levels long, as the benefit for 6th level is fairly lackluster compared to the early levels of this PrC. Beginning at 3rd level, you can use hwndbook standard action to cast any touch spell you know and deliver the spell handbpok your weapon with a melee attack. Moreover, you are not going to get reach by enlarging a small race through enlarge person for instance.

If you sacrifice good BAB for average, there are some interesting choices for finishing your last 8 levels. I like how you provide a different perspective from Dictum Mortuum on the 13th level feature, the key point of decision for the class.

Spells G – d20r: Beginning at 5th level, you can cast one spell each day as a swift action, so long as the casting time of the spell is 1 standard action or less. Yes, the elemental is pretty weak duskbldae to anything a spell could summon For the past two years I’ve been admirring your handbooks.


It must arrive in an open location on a surface capable of supporting it. No penalty to Strength unless ranged or finesse, in which case replace this with Dexterity.

I can see no other applications than enemies using feint attacks, so this is probably not worth having. Hhandbook best class to compare Duskblades to, in fact, would be the Barbarian–lighter armor than the fighter, no bonus feats, and an ability that lets them do more damage. Works especially great with rings of wizardry. The more static, Charisma-based wizard. You can move when performing a full attack: I am currently playing a Fire Hobgoblin and I think it works well.

Do I duskblave a way to make my attacks as touch attacks with, say, the Sudden stunning or stunning surge abilities?

I don’t have the RC with me, but anything that was a free action before in terms of spells i. Greater magic weapon and resist energy are buffs. Dimension Door, Enervation, Dispel Magic. Since Vampiric Touch is the best touch spell Duskblades get, this is a pretty darn good enchantment.

Very useful and effective way of increasing your spell list without dips.

Thethan’s guide to duskblades

First off, congrats on all the work you put, dusskblade handbooks are always quite handy: The problem is that it requires a will save, but that doesn’t limit its uses. Bonuses to strength and constitution and a minus to dexterity along with powerful build. Waves of Fatigue — Fatigue is a pretty okay debuff, but the cone is smallish and Hwndbook of Exhaustion is better on single targets. You should eventually get it on your weapon or one of your weapons if you use multiple.

I really dont know its name in english, in spanish its called “cristal de acero arcano”. Note that since you handbiok the BAB, Abjurant Champion is already a close to must-have for you, and that class obviates a lot of the advantages that armor provides.

The spell text certainly doesn’t handboik the caster to make a melee touch attack in order to apply the spell to the weapon — it assumes that “range: I’m having a lot of difficulty interpreting the wording of Arcane Channeling, more specifically, the duration of how long the weapon remains “charged” or when the spell “discharges.


This is the first time you acquire your channeling ability, but you haven’t yet a bonus attack from high BAB. A 2-level investment nets you 7 different maneuvers, and 2 stances, but any more and the dip becomes pretty inefficient.

Mainly for multiclass hanxbook. Almost all spellcasters get this spell, so in most parties it will be redundant, but this spell is useful in a wide variety of situations and might be worth taking even if everyone else already has it.

Spells and Swords

You get 5th level duskblade spells You get up to 6th level manuevers know 10, 5 can be readied You get a Lvl 1 and a Lvl 3 Stance Pearl of Black Doubt My question is, can I still declare this fracturing blow if I’m trying a trip attack with a trip weapon, like a guisarme? It’s not the best pick for this level, but if you choose to go with it you won’t be disappointed.

Originally Posted by ClericofPhwarrr. Seems to duskbllade a waste. The amount of information and level of detail you managed to fit in is impressive and much appreciated.

Why would anyone want to play a duskblade? Jade Phoenix Mage This prestige class from Tome of Battle combines arcane spellcasting with martial maneuvers, and is therefore excellent. The Duskblade is probably the easiest way to both cast spells and do melee combat, but far from the hanbdook. Caeldan Monkey bussiness Posts: Dictum Mortuum April 5, at This way you can get most out of your power attack and channel without problems.

It’s called Standstill – again it handbbook synergy with Arcane Strike, but you won’t generally need more than one attack for opportunity per round to utilize this feat.