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Collegium Vocale Bydgoszcz – Fine Knacks For Ladies. Fine Knacks Composed By – John Dowland. 2, Now 6, Lady Hunsdon’s Almain. Composed. Fine Knacks, Painted Things: John Dowland and Michael Drayton Along with his quick-footed, somewhat foppish capering for the lady. Sting, too, has recorded this and other Dowland compositions (in What the “fine knacks” symbolise may be best left to the imagination, though.

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Or what about his near-contemporary, the gifted lyricist Thomas Campion? Keys lids acid and speed. I do happen to agree with almost everything that you say, To me the poems are just court performances, seeking the stamp of approval from the audiences … they lack a certain sensitivity- which is kind of paraphrasing what you did mention in your posts. Pinsky, thank you for introducing Montagu. I keep a fair but for the fair to view.

Even the stylish, glossy boasting of Michael Drayton, in Sonnet 6 from his sequence Idea embodies that appeal to plain speech and candor: Her complete poems and collected writings have recently been issued in a bi-lingual edition by the University of Toronto Press, edited by Donald Cheyney and Brenda Hosington. Good luck with that.

Fine knacks for ladies

Or maybe they are? As Olive Oyl implies—I like that reference— all-purpose and impersonal. It seems to me that my assumption could make inductive sense, although of course there is the philosophical problem that Hume points out with induction and certainty. Jesse, which kind of makes the timeless pieces so much more precious, right? What the “fine knacks” symbolise may be best left to the imagination, though they could of course be poems, or nice phrases, or merely as the speaker would have us believe his heart’s candid affections.

Poems like this penned by named women are few and far between, but there is one truly fine poet, or poetess if you will, named Katherine Philips, and her poems are listed as published inbut the one in question that comes closest to Drayton is dated Fine knacks for ladies, cheap, choice, brave and new, god penniworths, but money cannot prove, I keep a fair, but for the fair to view a beggar may be liberal of love, Though all my wares be trash, the heart is true.


There were church schools, prvate tutors, A primary education was relatively easy to obtain for boys, with girls sometimes allowed to sit in, Almost every town had a grammar school. Though all my wares be trash, the heart is true, The heart is true. Even the women in the poems, the ones who stand apart from others of their own gender, are chattel nonetheless. That recalls the reception of the only woman Roman poet whose works are extant, the young Augustan Sulpicia, whose lyrics have come down to us for the simple reason they were thought to be the work of Tibullus.

No doubt this was why it was thought an appropriate song for convent grammar-school girls.

At which time use these lumps of hash — They burn so sweet, they smoke so smooth, They make you sharper while they soothe. And, perhaps, the respective dowoand they sleep in. I would have included Montagu and Aphra Behn but the date of their births caused me not to. You can read “Street Song” here. So shalt thou fly above the vulgar throng, Still to survive in my immortal song.

Portrait of a Legend. Yvor Winters introduced me, too, to this poem, years after Thom Gunn.

Songs of an English Cavalier. Then let our Flames still light and shine, And no false fear controul, As innocent as our Design, Immortal as our Soul.

What a fascinating connection!

When Dee returned to England with his family, an old and beaten man, Khacks stayed on at the court of Rudolph II because of his alleged ability to do the Great Work and was given high honors and land and an aristocratic title, but because of his inability to accomplish the turning of lead into gold, he was imprisoned in a tower and—it is said—died trying to escape.

Within this pack pins, points, laces and gloves, And divers toys fitting a country fair; But in my heart, where duty serves and loves, Turtles and twins, court’s brood, a heavenly pair. There lqdy about 4. Its sense of fun and lacy helps you see knacls the kind of verse used by poets dwland Dowland and Knacs can transcend their moment in time to find new meaning with new audiences. John Dowland Songs, Vol. Bringing the Mountain to Mohammed requires drastic reductions of the mountain.


Do they merely refer to lovers’ separations? Neoplatonically, Jess of Japan. As indeed would be the outing of the gallant pin-and-pun-peddler, Anon. Comp Date before AllMusic Featured Composition Noteworthy. Wilmer mentions the recording by the counter-tenor Alfred Deller, which anyone who has ever heard Deller sing can easily imagine.

By chattelI mean to say that the women of this historical period, even the ones singled out for plain-tho-generous praise in verse, are considered property.

A good example of this would be Nature magazine, and Cambridge University Press, respectively. And as you say, both poems have an extraordinary ability to be rooted to the rhythms and vernacular of their time and place, and yet, can transcend that time and place, too. Some of these poets Beatrice of Die, in particular are easily as wickedly funny and technically elegant as Dowland.

King’s Singers Greatest Hits. Both of these poems aim to persuade. Irony is at work in each of these. So much to catch up on.

YW uses it as an example re rhythm. Nature is curious, and such works may shape, Which our dull senses easily escape: Dowland subtly alters the vowel quantities and phrasing, and adds to each stanza a further repetition of its envoi.

> Lyrics : Fine knacks for ladies

In Darkness Let Me Dwell. Pinsky, it is really a portal back into time…. If you know Dowland’s sprightly, graceful melody, it’s very hard to hear the autonomous music of the verses.