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“But does Agile scale?” Emerging stories and case studies indicate that it certainly does. InfoQ brings you two excerpts from Dean Leffingwell’s book ” Scaling. Best Practices for Large Enterprises, by Dean Leffingwell. Agile software development can be adopted on the enterprise level, and Dean Leffingwell’s “Scaling Software Agility” explains how. This free chapter, “The.

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How to test software in production Monitoring matters.

Managing Highly Distributed Development Chapter Agile Teams can place hardening sprints anywhere, if and when, they are needed. Why the fast pace of IT is outpacing project management Think products, not projects. I can just imagine the mental and physical benefits such a scholarship will bring to some number of lucky kids.

Personally I found the book a little shallow, though a useful read.

It offers a practical guide to large project issues such as architecture, requirements development, multi-level release planning, and team organization.

How much is your software support costing you? For those who knew Mo or agilit otherwise interested, memorials may be made to: In his latest work, Scaling Software Agility, Dean Leffingwell shows how to achieve a pragmatic balance among these forces.

Leffingwell leffingwell also the lead author of the popular text, Managing Software Requirements Second Edition: For those who have been following the High Assurance and Regulated Environments series, I am pleased to announce the completion and publication of the whitepaper: The State of QA and Testing.


Bloggat om Scaling Software Agility: Stuff you should be doing earlier In addition, especially in the first year leffingwell so of transition to agile, the hardening sprint may be used legitimately for a number of other things.

Book Excerpt: Scaling Software Agility

Pam opened her house to guests thereafter and what a crush that was! In addition, especially in the first year or so of transition to agile, the hardening sprint may be used legitimately for a number of other things. Tell us what you think. Measuring Business Performance Conclusion: Here’s how to use computer vision and machine learning for test automation when your usual toolkit and framework won’t work.

They can be a valuable tool to become a better tester. You need API management help: Well techniques like TDD can be used on the development environment so testing not in the test environment, but in the development environment.

Dean Leffingwell asks tough question about agility at scale

This pop-up will close itself in a few moments. I use this service even for books I have paper copies of: A recent book collects some of the wisdom around practices for scaling Agility: Menu Skip to content. Leffingwells observations of the problem, his advice on the solution, and his description of the resulting best practices come from experience: Here’s how to get started more simply.

He provides history behind the agile methodologies in order to provide proper context.

Book Excerpt: Scaling Software Agility

Part II describes seven best practices of agility that natively scale to the enterprise level. A question frequently heard in courses and conferences on Agile software development is: That is until immediately after our acquisition.


He was also a great personal friend and trusted partner. By subscribing to this email, we may send you content based on your previous aggility interests. This is how big-name companies embraced microservices, what’s in their toolkits—and what bumps they hit along the way.

Scaling Software Agility: Best Practices for Large Enterprises

Update company role to: And of course, the big Picture evolved for the umpteenth time. Subscribe to our newsletter? Test automation expert and practitioner Angie Jones outlines 10 things testers want in the next generation of codeless tools. Overview of Software Agility – a look at the most common and effective agile methods Chapter 1: How to advance your test automation skills with source control Step away from the code, buddy.

How to Choose an Enterprise Agile Platform. Nowhere in agile it says that you aren’t allowed to write maintenance documents. It was bit of a pain. Furthermore, no matter how hard I tried to learn and research proven methods, I rarely found extensive material to help us on our journey.