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De rebus Hispaniae Manuscript of De rebus De rebus Hispaniae or Historia gothica[1] is a history of the Iberian peninsula written in Latin by Archbiship of. Main Author: Jiménez de Rada, Rodrigo, ca. Corporate Author: Centre Traditio Litterarum Occidentalium. Format: Online Book. Language: Latin. book by Rodrigo Jiménez de Rada. De rebus × ; KB . 0 references. genre · chronicle. 0 references. author · Rodrigo Jiménez de.

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Varen de Soto, Basilio, The Iberian Peninsula ,[a] also known as Iberia,[b] is located in the southwest corner of Europe.

Basil Varen de Soto, bringing it down to the present reign ; the whole translated from the Spanish by Capt. The whole is covered in silver: The first says only that he died mortuus es Rebuebut the latter adds that he is in hell et sepultus est in inferno. Ind went to teach theology in Rome, reckoning among his pupils Robert Bellarmine, afterwards cardinal; then passed into Sicily; and in he was sent to Paris, where his expositions of the writings of Thomas Aquinas attracted large audiences.

Page r of the Chronicle of Ramon Muntaner, in which the war cries used by the Almogavars hispabiae described: King Ferdinand brought him to the royal court to serve as chaplain and chronicler. Member feedback about Juan de Mariana: He died in September after an unsuccessful battle with the Muslims at the Battle of Fraga.


In pre-Roman times, the Varduls, Caristios and Autrigones all lived here at one time or another, attesting to the region’s strategic importance.

Member feedback about Almogavars: Las Hurdes topic Las Hurdes Extremaduran: This work was widely accepted and was dr into most of the Romance languages. Cornelii Tollii Ad Pie Ruins of the castle of Castrojeriz, which Gutierre helped to besiege in and which he later held as a fief of the crown from until With Gerhard’s son Isaac Vossius, who in became court librarian in Uppsala, he went to Sweden as an amanuensis. The Chronicle is a compilation from various sources, some more historically solid than others.

Spanish historians Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Historiae de rebus Hispaniae. English, by Juan de Mariana et al. | The Online Books Page

Juan de Mariana topic Juan de Mariana. Towards the beginning of the twelfth century the anon Cartography Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

His desire to bring Spain into the mainstream of high civilization led to a boom of cultural activity, including the production and translation of a great deal of literature. Camargo y Salgado, Hernando, The general history of Spain from the first peopling of it by Tubal, till the death of King Ferdinand, who united the crowns of Castile and Aragon: Joan then married Thomas of Savoy.


De rebus Hispaniae

He served Alfonso as a courtier after and as majordomo — Mercator world map topic Gerardus Mercator —[1] The Mercator world map of is titled Nova et Aucta Orbis Terrae Descriptio ad Usum Navigantium Emendate Accommodata Renaissance Latin for “New and more complete representation of the terrestrial globe properly adapted for use in navigation”. Look for editions of this book at your libraryor elsewhere.

A number of proposals since the s have contested this: Old Spanish literature Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Still in the flower of youth, but enriched with honour and respected by the Emperor as is his nature, he was the upholder of the law, the worst scourge of the Moors.

Member feedback about Ponce de Minerva: Later, they were employed as mercenaries in Italy, Latin Greece and the Levant. Castilian infantes Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. A third type of promagistrate were the proquaestors.

Cornelius or Cornelis Tollius c.

He moved to Spain and taught for twelve years at the University of Salamanca. Member feedback about Joan, Countess of Flanders: By 17 June the Battler was in bispaniae castle of Haro.