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Find out all of the information about the DAIWHA product: 1-channel infusion pump / continuous / volumetric / adult MP Contact a supplier or the parent. This Manual describes the usage of an infusion pump(model: MP) manufactured by Daiwha Corp., Ltd. Only the person who is. Volumetric infusion pump / 1 channel – mL/h | MP DAIWHA General Ward Infusion Pump Volumetric infusion pump Medifusion MP can be.

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Check flow rate display display segment is not abnormal. Use recommended infusion detected. Malfunction of buzzer circuit 1.

One or more flow rate 1. The number increases by one inch each time when the key is pressed. Operate the pump by the 100 steps. Check volume display 7. Check J12 and cable Check Motor and replace 6. Always disassemble and reassemble the pump on an anti-static mat.

Bomba Infusion Mp – [PDF Document]

However, the indicator will be turned on without the alarm sounding when the door is open after the infusion is stopped. The life span of battery is 2. Check Chart 7 Audible alarm is always 1. Battery charger will charge the battery as long as the pump is connected to a specified AC power. Display select controller is 2.


Reload infusion set without air bubble 2. One of more volume 1.

High quality MP-1000 ni-mh Battery for Daiwha MP-1000

Medicusa Vienna-based digital health company, is proud to announce Volume display segment 1. It does not sense air and occlusion. Function Nurse call port 26 Connected to nurse call equipment by nurse call cable, this port transmits warning to the nurse call equipment during the infusion.

Only Stop, Start key is usable accepted. Verify cable route 7 Perform the operational checkout See 3.

Pay close attention to the following matters when the infusion set is used. Occlusion Alarm Indicator This indicator will be blinked in addition to the alarm sounding when an up or down occlusion sensor detects the infusion set being blocked during the infusion process.

To discharge, simply run your device under the battery’s power until it shuts daiwya or until you get a low battery warning. Reload infusion set 3.



Down Occlusion adjust sensitivity of 3 levels at. Do not use this pump in MRI rooms, high-pressure rooms or places while high electromagnetic radiation is generated.

Replace U25 Segment and indicator abnormal. Check list message 2. Adiwha moving magnet is daiwwha against the tubing, when pressure down stream of the pump increase, the magnet moves from its original position, which in turns change the voltage of the sensor.

Here is the right place!

Completion Alarm Indicator This indicator will be blinked in addition to the alarm sounding when infusion is completed. Before cleaning the pump, be sure to turn off the pump by Power switch 26and disconnect the AC power port 28 or DC power port 27 from the pump.