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It is CSI’s recommended organization of information within an individual specification section. The consistency introduced by following SectionFormat promotes. About CSI: The Construction Specifications Institute is a professional association MasterFormat,™ SectionFormat™, PageFormat™, UniFormat™, National. Enter CSC/CSI SectionFormat. SectionFormat subscribes to the theory all requirements found in a specification can be organized into one of.

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The subordinate titles that follow indicate types that are commonly submitted during project closeout, but some projects may require them to be submitted much earlier as action submittals or informational submittals. Article titles should not be followed by text on the same line.

Describe submittals intended to document sustainable design requirements, without repeating the actual sectionflrmat which should be specified in Part 2 and Part 3. Alignment of text so that lines all begin or end along a predetermined left or right margin.

BSD – CSI’s 3 Part Section Format

This Part may also include items such as software and special tools. This Article may be used in sections where categorizing the references are unnecessary.

When more than one of the subordinate Article titles is required, use this Article to categorize procedural sfctionformat for price and payment procedures as related to the specific section. If manufacturers or other sources are to be listed for a particular product, use the following subordinate title “Substitution Limitations” to define the purpose of the manufacturer list. May Number of Pages: Contracting requirements as directed by the Owner. Each Part contains one or more Articles. Include required properties or characteristics that do not obviously belong under other titles.


Article titles, such as “Shop Sectioonformat and “Samples,” may also be used as paragraph titles to improve readability and navigation.

SectionFormat/PageFormat – Construction Specifications Institute

Primary article titles were added to Sectionfomrat 3 to capture Division 01 titles for Startup, Closeout, and Maintenance. Do not repeat the requirements that must be certified, which should be specified elsewhere in Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3, as applicable.

Coiling Counter Fire Doors. Drawings and general provisions of the Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and sectionforjat Division More information. Indicate requirements for quality control and related quality assurance for on-site activities and installed materials, manufactured units, equipment, components, and accessories.

Adhered KEE membrane roofing system. Mere inclusion of a standard in this list does not necessarily require compliance with that standard.

Dalrymple, PE A fter being retained to review the merits of several major disputes involving the scope of warranties in renovation and. Section Quality Assurance; Section Mock-ups.


A common example of a continuous page is an HTML hypertext markup language web page on-screen. Powered by Higher Logic. This Article should not be used to define terms common to the work results being described.


Drawings and general provisions of the Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and other. Complete elimination of indentation should be avoided. In the case of full justification, the lines of text will align with both left and right margins. In single-sided page printing this PF. Describe specific services required of the manufacturer during source quality control, such as coordination requirements to achieve special inspections, including access by Authorities Having Jurisdiction or other third parties.

When the specification requires a Contractor Quality Control Program, the Contractor shall establish, provide, and. Total number of pages in the section Author name File name Copyright notice.

CSA AM, standard masonry type; clean, dry; protected from dampness, freezing, or foreign matter. At the end, the order should be reversed, with the project identification being the last item in the document. Use of the subordinate titles may help clarify procedures or assist in navigation and readability.

List provisions for maintenance services as applicable to critical systems, equipment, and landscaping. The latest revisions to SectionFormat and Page Format were published in