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Condair CP3 Mini with Fan. CP3-PR Series with inbuilt fan for direct room applications, kg/hr. The ventilation FAN unit is used for direct room air. The CP3 is an electrode steam humidifier which represents the latest generation of proven electrode steam humidifiers. Using normal drinking. United Humidifiers – Offering Condair Cp3 Electrode Boiler Steam Humidifier in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Read about CAR HUMIDIFIER. Mini Humidifiers.

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Inspect strainer insert of the inlet valve, if applicable clean strainer insert or replace inlet valve. Steam distribution pipes Type If the unit is opened immediately after having produced steam there is danger of burning when touching the steam cylinder.

In order to achieve a uniform distribution of the humidity within the room, additional factors such as the room size, the room height, etc.

Calculating the humidification distance The water vapour, emitting from the steam distribution pipes, requires a certain distance to be absorbed by the ambient air so that it is no longer visible as steam. Condensate hose correctly mibi and not kinked?

Please contact your Condair supplier for information. If the cause of the malfunction disappears of its own accord or if the control can repair the malfunction, the condar message will automatically switch off.


Is the correct CF card installed? Use temperature-resistant installation materials only! Where necessary, appropriate cross-references are made to these publications in the operating instructions.

Inspect water system and seal if necessary. Remove the plugs from the electrodes and from the level sensor. Thank you for your contribution to environmental protection. After eliminating the malfunction the fault message must condaiir reset see chapter 6. For more information on JS Humidifiers. Error 33 Lim Sens broken No sensor signal humidity sensor def.

Condair CP3 Mini low capacity steam humidifier

JS Humidifiers is the leading humidification specialist with expertise in every industry requiring humidification. If this is the case, contact your Condair supplier. When deciding on the length and layout of the hose, it should be noted that the steam hose may become somewhat shorter with progressive ageing.

mimi Over Current Humidity demand has decreased too fast. Heat expansion during operation and shortening of the hose with ageing taken into consideration?

Yellow LED lights and the service warning message is shown in the display.

Condair CP3 Mini technical manual en rt |

Inspect drain pump, replace if necessary. Reassemble the unit in reverse order. Start manual draining see chapter 4. The display shows the standard operating display first page of the indication level. Addr 1 1 Set Esc Set In the upcoming dondair dialogue set the radio address of the optional radio humidity sensor.

Each switching point is defined by a weekday or weekday range, the switching point and the capacity limit. Condair RS resistive steam humidifier Innovative scale management for easy servicing, accurate humidity control and no disposable boiling cylinders. Pull the lower part of the front cover to the front, then push the cover upward and remove it. Components Interval I Steam cylinder type A. Safety Some maintenance work requires removal of the unit mink.


The steam humidifier must be connected to the mains only after all mounting and installation work has been completed and the cover has been relocated properly. P Internal Conddair controller Int. Find more suppliers in Mumbai Industrial Humidifiers in Mumbai.

Superseded Units

Keep a minimum distance clearance A of mm between nozzle opening and the opposite duct wall. Violation of copyright terms is subject to legal prosecution and arises liability for indemnification. It has a very attractive yet inconspicuous design with concealed rear connections for power and water.

Click here for tech docs. Clean water filter, if available. This low capacity steam humidifier can be serviced cindair needing to call a technician. Set the Condair CP3mini out of operation as described in chapter 4. High capacity steam humidification with low operating costs due to economy of using gas rather than electricity.