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ExportAsFixedFormat(XlFixedFormatType, Object, Object, Object, Object, Object, C#. private void SaveNamedRangeAsPDF() { Hi! I’ve been struggling with a problem for a few days now: So I have a certain report generation mechanism in C#, that uses How to Convert Office file to PDF in C#. These codes are ExportAsFixedFormat (outputFileName, rtFormatPDF);.

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We are using windows service on a server that has Excel installed. OpenAfterPublish Object exportasfixedcormat to display the file in the viewer immediately; otherwise, false. IgnorePrintAreas Object true to ignore any print areas set when exporting; otherwise, false.

All this is running on a Windows Server R2, excel installed. You can include a full path or short.

C# (CSharp) Method Worksheet.ExportAsFixedFormat Code Examples

The content you requested has been removed. For example, Excel will perform file exportasfxedformat conversion if the converters are present. For example, Excel will perform file format conversion if the converters are present.

This method also supports exlortasfixedformat an add-in to export a file to a fixed-format file. You don’t deal with that when you generate the pdf, the user selects it when printing the pdf.

Where do you run such code? If set to False the file is published but not displayed. One of the Microsoft. I have found the property required to force the export of your workbook in a PDF with Landscape view. If this argument is omitted, exporting ends with the last page. Post as a guest Name. IncludeDocProperties Object true to include the document properties; otherwise, false. A String that indicates the name of the file to be saved. The conversion is usually initiated by the user.


How to Convert Office File to PDF File Format in C# | Software Development for ECM

Thursday, January 2, 5: XlFixedFormatQuality values that specifies the quality of the exported file. What I meant is we didn’t do anything special, and by print-out I don’t mean that it actually prints, it just creates the document and saves it, so that application can return it to esportasfixedformat user.

Tuesday, January 7, Help us improve MSDN. Click HERE to participate the survey. If not, please try to install this package and see whether this issue would be resovled. If set to Falsewill use the print areas set when publishing. None of our test servers running same Windows Server version have that, nor does my local Windows 7 machine.

exportasfixedformag IncludeDocProperties Object true to include document properties in the exported file; otherwise, false. Marked as answer by comaunite Wednesday, January 8, What code do you use for running the print our functionality?

If this argument is omitted, exporting starts at the first page. The number of the last page to export.


C# (CSharp) Method Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.ExportAsFixedFormat Code Examples

If you can find the menu option, do you encounter exportasfixedfromat same error when you manually save Excel Workbook as PDF file from Exportqsfixedformat application?

Monday, December 23, 7: If this argument is omitted, publishing ends with the last page. Trying to do it early would generate a serious case of neck cramp. If you omit this parameter, Excel saves the file in the current folder. The number of the page at which to start publishing.

And on print out execution, we just create a file through Excel’s COM libraries and using it’s functions fill it up, and save as Add BlankTempleteFilePath ; this.

Exports to a file of the specified format. To run this code example, your workbook must include a sheet named Sheet1 with some data. Email Required, but never shown.

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