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What Bordo is saying (and what I’m unsubtly trying to make sure you grasp) is that attractiveness is a MYTH supported by the very real. Advertising has changed leaps and bounds from where it first started. advertisements use to be just that, advertisements, where the seller or. In the essay “Beauty (Re)discovers the Male Body,” author and philosopher Susan Bordo discusses the history and current state of male representation in.

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He was able to compare how men see women and how women see men in a sexual way. And women have had little practice. I am a lot rediiscovers laid back. Who will avert his eyes first? His eyes seek out the imagined viewer, soberly but flirtatiously. How do male bodies in the ads speak to us nowadays?

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here She then talks about how throughout the twentieth century gay photographers have been putting the male body on display for sexuality, but it has been kept in the closet until this demand has made it more exceptable.

Sometimes the message is challenging, aggressive. It might be more accurate to say that in modernity, with the spiritual interpretation of the nude body no longer a convention, the contemporary homophobic psyche is not screened from the sexual charge of the nude male body.

He has always been different, and people all over the world have copied his hairstyles and clothes. In the ad it say im going to wear what I want to wear…Honey what do i want? Women rediscvoers dread being surveyed harshly –being seen as too old, too fat, too flat-chested– but men are not supposed to enjoyed being surveyed period.

Bordo: Male Body

But the male bodies sculpted by the Greeks and Michelangelo were not exactly nonerotic. When really men are only wearing what women like, so women are pushing men in the direction they want and not the other way around. There are still double standards in our country between men and women just not as clear-cut as before. Whose gaze will be triumphant?


These hierarchies date back to the ancient Greeks, who believed that passivity, receptivity, penetrability were marks of inferior feminine being.

The first imperative of the code –“Be a sturdy oak” — represents the emotional equivalent of beauhy masculinity”: Create a free website or blog at WordPress. But I’m still the one in charge here. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The truly heterosexual manly-man never shows himself as an object to be gazed at, but a powerful working tool who is always doing something.

Essay on Susan Bordo’s Beauty(Re)Discovers the Male Body Essay Example for Free

That’s precisely what Calvin Klein was the first to recognize and exploit –the possibility and profitability of what is known in the trade as a “dual marketing” approach. So does that make him feminine? Another borrows his wife’s face cream. What if you could copy post from other blogs, make it pass copyscape test and publish on your website — i know the right tool for you, just search in google: Dare others to challenge your position.

Languid leaners have actually been around for a long time. Only gay culture unashamedly sexualized the lean, fit body that virtually everyone, gay and straight, now aspires to.

This generation is a lot more excepting than previous generations, because of how much variety there is you can not really choose to not be excepting. I find it interesting, though, that Klein has chosen Mr. For example, after talking about the Gucci ad for some length, she dives into a personal story about how she wanted one of her lovers to strip for her but was to embarrassed to ask him.

Essay on Susan Bordo’s Beauty(Re)Discovers the Male Body Essay

One gets a penis pump. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? Times have changed, and the acceptance of men dressing themselves nice is so much bigger than when Bordo wrote her essay. It’s true that in classical art, the naked human body was often presented as a messenger of spiritual themes, and received as such.

As Calvin wandered through the crowd at the Flamingo, the body heat rushed through him like a revelation; this was the cutting edge Feast on me, I’m here to be looked at, my body is for your eyes. I truly think if someone was just to read your paper they would grasp Bordos argument rather easily.


It took a survey conducted by The Advocate to jolt corporate America awake about gay consumers. They run, they wrap their bellies in plastic, they do jumping jacks, they get artificial tans. It was the first time in my experience that I had encountered a commercial representation of a male body that seemed to deliberately invited me to linger over it.

But the fact is that if we’ve entered a brave, new world of male bodies it is largely because of a more “material” kind of epiphany –a dawning recognition among advertisers of the buying power of gay men.

Another possibility is what I call “the lean” –because these bodies are almost always reclining, leaning against, or propped up against something in the fashion typical of women’s bodies. Seems like you and Bordo share the same witty, caustic hhe. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. It was both thrilling and disconcerting. Later, when I had regained by equilibrium, I made a screen-saver out of him, so I could gaze at my leisure.

I really liked your paper. He doesn’t stare at the viewer challenging, belligerently, as do so many models in other ads for male underwear, facing off like a tthe tough passing a member of the rival gang on the street “Yeah, this is an underwear ad and I’m half naked.

A leaner is more feminine, on a contrary to the rocks that are more masculine.

I brought the ad to classes and lectures, asking women what they thought of him. James Dean was probably our first pop-culture “leaner”‘; he made it stylish for teenagers to slouch.