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A Wolf at the Table: A Memoir of My Father. Augusten Burroughs, Author. St. Martin’s $ (p) ISBN A Wolf at the Table is a memoir by Augusten Burroughs that recounts his turbulent childhood relationship with his father. In the summer of , Burroughs . Memoir about the bestselling autobiographer’s father manages flashes of insight but turns into yet another baroque chronicle of Burroughs’s.

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This article about a non-fiction book on lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender topics is a stub.

He’s a ranting, raving, immensely creative drama queen. Burroughs tells the story of his relationship with his father up until early adolescence, at wplf point his parents divorced.

A Wolf at the Table – Wikipedia

Burroughs is at his best in this memoir when he describes the most dark, sinister events of his early childhood.

It’s interesting to read about people’s less than ideal childhoods. While watching a father turn burrokghs from his son isn’t easy and Augusten’s brutally honest longing for affection painful, somehow I’m not left horrified, but rather a richer person for having listened to this master storyteller.

And that’s because our country’s educational system has been steadily crumbling since the end eolf World War Two, since the moment the US first started embracing the military-industrial complex, and first started diverting more and more of our national budget away from everything else and towards the military. Burroughs remains sober to this day.

His speech is very deliberate and slow; at first annoying, I think I can settle into this well. Because simply, we live in an age where a huge majority of the American public can no longer distinguish fact from fiction — an age where over 50 percent of all Americans believe that The DaVinci Code is a true story, an age where over 50 percent of all Americans believe that The Secret is a true story.

I have seen fathers who were genuine and true, flawed as are we all, but dedicated and loving and providing an example of what to be and too frequently, but humbly, what not to be. It’s what I had expected. Read my entire review here. Towards the end of the book, Burroughs writes that the time he lived with his mother’s psychologist Running with Scissors was the most informative part of his life. Finally, I liked the threads he wove throughout ah book: Feb 28, Lyn rated it liked it.


I still detached the little boy in the book from the author, because the story is just so sad. Augusten’s unexpected, unshakeable faith in God was interesting and very well-written. I’m a little worried that if I re-read your other books, they’ll only irritate the shit out of me. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

There are more, but I don’t want to risk spoiling anything. However, this part of the book lasts burroubhs a short while, and then it gets really good. Sad, pitiful, disturbing but ultimately redemptive. It’s writers like Augusten Burroughs that makes me want to turn my entire back on Generation X in general, despite me actually being a member of Generation X; it’s books like these that makes me understand why kids currently in their twenties hate me and my friends so much, of why they feel the desire to angrily vomit whenever the subjects of Burroughs also gives a page or so of explanation about why he chose to live and not kill himself.

I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted here illegally. It’s important that I fill in these intellectual gaps now, precisely because I am trying to be a full-time arts critic these days, because it matters with artistic criticism just how much you know about the subject; and thus it is that I’m constantly having to admit these days to a woeful lack of exposure to thee artist or that, as I finally make my way through the first of their projects and talk about them here burrouhs the site.

Jan 07, Anne rated it really liked it. Tegan Quin of the duo Tegan and Sara wrote a song titled “His Love,” which was performed at various book openings and occasionally at the Quin twin’s concerts.


That would’ve been too much. May 23, Spider the Doof Auguzten rated it really liked it. Damage that I want to be mending but can’t seem to. Some of the “Average Joe” negative reviews of A Wolf at the Table that I’ve read online complain that author Augusten Burroughs’ “didn’t really know what it was like to be abused” or that Burroughs’ mental anguish in the hands of his father’s quasi-psychotic unpredictability “was boring, same day in day out” or that “it wasn’t funny.

Normally I like Burroughs’ books, but I am truly torn over this one.

Because that’s basically what both of these books are, through and through, from the first page to ostensibly the augustdn they are whiny, victim-oriented, badly-written, semi-made-up so-called “true stories” about just how bad poor little Augusten has had it his whole whimsically funny life, of how every terrible thing that’s ever happened to him is everyone else’s fault but his own, and how by the way all those bad things just burrroughs to be poetically poignant and contained the exact kind of dialogue that makes middle-aged suburban Oprah-worshipping pink-ribbon-wearing New Age soccer moms swoon.


Feb 25, Sandra rated it really liked it Shelves: Critics were deeply divided, and the book received some of the worst -and best- reviews of the author’s career.

The brutal, terrifying and decidedly unfunny book instantly generated a storm of publicity and controversy. Views Read Edit View history. But his This book is rather poetic. Several years ago, I read Augusten Burroughs’s memoir Running with Scissors later turned into a movie. So, I fed them lots of pellets and enjoyed watching them eat those just like how I normally feed dogs when I have only one chance in a day to do so: When you read a memoir like this and see that this shit can still hurt so many years later, it’s daunting.

Beautiful and painfully written. Quotes from A Wolf at the Table.

A Wolf at the Table

The dog that became daddy’s dark sidekick after several days of young Burroughs’ absence – had been magically turned by the dark overlord. And I don’t believe he was ever subconsciously mispronouncing “dad” as “dead”. And this is the truest, scariest human evil of all – the kind of evil when a man thinks he’s doing the best thing s killing his family and then himself.

The often gorgeous prose, the depth of character development, and the emotional impetus that he conveys puts him in this category in my opinion. I started out reading this book, already mentally prepared, having read Scissors not too long ago.

A Wolf at the Table by Augusten Burroughs

The memoir would ultimately remain on the New York Times bestseller list for over four consecutive years, eight months of which were spent in the 1 position. That’s how real life goes. Live Burroughs Interview About “Wolf”.