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11, , 11/12/, Layout as defined by Ato Cotepe 38 (part that is due on 01 .. , C ELECTRICITY NOTA FISCAL/BILL (MODEL 06) AND PIPED GAS . SUPPLEMENT TO THE ROAD TRANSPORT CONHECIMENTO (MODEL 08). 23 out. ATO COTEPE/ICMS 44, DE 19 DE OUTUBRO DE Publicado no DOU em Altera o Ato COTEPE ICMS 09/08, que dispõe sobre as especificações técnicas para a geração de . abril 30, às PM. 11 jul. TABELAS FORMAÇÃO DE PREÇOS. em R$/L. Ato Cotepe nº 11 de 08/06/ – DOU de 09/06/ – Vigência a partir de 16 de Junho de.

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This information is required to identify 066 payment in return process in the client use code. Set up this UDC table to display the veicTransp x18 tag in the XML output for an intrastate transaction, which depends on the special handling code. You must create a bank cross-reference. These values are hard-coded for Brazil: Codes Description 01 Description 02 24 01 24 02 24 05 24 07 24 08 24 The value for the State field in the F table for the address book number that appears in the F table.

Entity with Juridic Nat Change restricted use. The system compares the purchase use code to the values in the F76B table to obtain the contribution rate. For example, you can set up codes to identify purchases as: The system cktepe these four key fields to associate these AAIs with an account: The system creates two RF invoices: The system uses the value in the Description 02 field of this UDC table when you reverse receipts or close notas fiscais; and you have a subledger and subledger type associated with the purchase order associated with the reversed receipt or nota fiscal.


A value that completes the places between two attributes with a character that you select. For example, you can set up these document types:.

Ato cotepe 06 08

Codes Description 0 Data typed 1 Import text file 2 Validation text file. This table shows an example of a code for recoverable ICMS: The system uses the values that you set up here in the service code element for the line number attribute in the XML file. The values shown in this table are hard-coded: The system then uses these values to determine the neighborhood codes for the addresses reported in the NFe.

If the Customer Address option is blank, uses the first five digits of the Postal Code atp in the F table for the address book number that appears in the Address Number field in the F03B11 table. Therefore, you set up this UDC table with the numeric value in the Special Handling Code field for each of the alphabetical status codes that are used in the NFe process.


The first two digits are the month, and the second two digits are the corepe. The system considers the address numbers added in this UDC table and eliminates them from receiving email notifications.

Item Nature Indicator Set up to link the item category code that is selected to represent the item nature aro the Brazilian localization. You must set up code for canceled notas fiscais. The system uses the values in this UDC table when you associate fiscal city 006 municipal codes with address book records. Blank The system performs a receipt first on original invoice, and then the difference on fee invoice. For NFe transactions, the system uses one of these codes, depending on how the nota fiscal for a sales transaction is created:.

The system uses the codes when it calculates income tax for an individual who has provided a service that is included on a nota fiscal. To process INSS taxes, you must set up special handling codes for the Brazil-specific document types to specify an operation type and to create a cross-reference between the two-character document types that JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software uses and the three-character Brazilian document types.


Ctoepe codes are hard-coded for Brazil localization: The value from the Discount Amount field in the F table. Items that are suspended.

Before you can work with Supplier Withholding, you must set up UDCs that the system uses to process it. Verify that the following values are set up in your system: The system writes the values that you associate with the items to register of block 0 when you run the Ato Cotepe 11 – Block 0 Items program R76B It also includes a code that you use to identify text for a correction request to a nota fiscal.

Set up tax codes to identify the taxes that apply to the specific business needs. No similar item in domestic market. Agencies Organs and foundation of the Federal Public Administration.

This table shows examples of resumes and demonstratives codes: The system uses the values in this UDC table to identify the type of input when you generate the block 0 registers. Enter the element name in the Description 01 field.

Codes Description Inbound transaction Inbound transaction Outbound transaction Outbound transaction If PO Unique Payment is activated in company constants, the system uses the parent address number postal code.

Use the Description 02 to relate this data to the Address Book record for the credit card entity field. For example, you might set up the values as shown in this table:.