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Aroj Ali Matubbar by × ; 70 KB. 0 references. sex or gender · male. 0 references. country of citizenship · Bangladesh. 0 references. British Raj. Aroj Ali Matubbar: Rationalist Philosopher of Rural Bangladesh. By Ajoy Roy. The Background. I would not like to elaborate the concept of Rationalism in front of. Matubbar, Aroj Ali () self-taught philosopher, was born on 17 December to a farming family in the village of Lamchari in barisal.

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Describing various but funny stories from various religions he gave the modern and scientific theories of the sun.

Aroj Ali Matubbar – Wikipedia

But different sages or religious leaders propagated different theologies. In this natubbar, making enquiries about the whys and wherefores, man has built up the massive structure of science today. It took long twenty years to publish the book. Our unknown folk poet wrote many many years back. He learned surveying techniques and began his life as a private land surveyor in his locality.

He, like many talented geniuses, had not attended any formal institution of learning. But I heard that nothing is better than human being. To day it has take a shape of a big tree branching out with all its trunks and sub-trunks in all directions. We will present some of the questions, which usually arise, matubbag our minds when we think about religion by way of the reasons why these questions crop up. He wrote several books including Satyer SandhanSristirahasyaAnuman and Muktaman It became corrupted and under the influence of Brahminic Hinduism accepted Vedas as supreme source of knowledge and tried to tag it with Hinduism as one of its Marg.


There is nothing above mankind. Some of his writings have been translated into English and compiled in a volume published by Pathak Samabesh. But this also drew attention of the Pakistani intelligence and the civil administration. Classically one who holds the view — we know nothing of things beyond material phenomena – that a first cause and an unseen world are mayubbar unknown and apparently unknowable is termed as agnostics?

The task is Herculean as well as difficult in a society like ours ai literacy is very low.

Due to his poverty, he could not attend school and had to rely on the free maqtab religious education provided by a local mosque. No doubt the people of rural Bengal followed the formal religions like Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism or Jainism, but none of these aroi religions could keep their purity in toto; they were transformed in to a local folk form after being assimilated in the local folk culture and tradition.

He was born in the village of Charbaria Lamchariabout 11 kilometres 6. So the earth is a centre aaroj the universe is a meaningless statement. For example, he questioned Islamic law of inheritance, as he failed to reconcile the suggested mode of sharing of inherited property.

Aroj Ali Matubbar

But Matubbar had a wonderful scientific mind, and he was also a pragmatic man. This is the finest example of inductive approach followed in science.

Worship Man, look into Quaran- you will see these. Aroj Ali Matubbor was a truly homegrown philosopher without any formal academic training. What is the test of truth? They zli neither go to heaven nor they will attain nirvana. In defense of his case Aroj started writing notes against the questions he posed to the magistrate. Retrieved from ” arok We will only discuss briefly the conflicting views in the sphere of religion.


Aroj Ali Matubbor (Author of আরজ আলী মাতুব্বর রচনাসমগ্র ১)

After death when sense organs are too destroyed will the soul even then continue to have knowledge, and if so through what mechanism? I roamed around the world, yet. As an ardent activist of Human Rights he has participated in most movements against Human Rights violation in Bangladesh.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you glorify the body, care for the body you will get the bliss of this world as well as after world. Consequently a few questions always arise in the mind and for want of satisfactory answers men begin to develop doubt and disbelief regarding religious injunctions.

So questing about any event, may be natural or social, forms the basic analytical path that would ultimately lead to rationalism. Possibly for making a man a great man some incident s did play some role, may be directly or indirectly.

How could he assimilate such complicated matters not intelligible even to many researchers, because we scientists speak in a different language only understood by fellow scientists?

The people of Eastern India were referred to as ‘Asuras’ in post Vedic literature, particularly in Puranas. Those who believe maatubbar other religions will not be saved.

Will not snatch way my little things.