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English entry page to an English translation of the work, in turn part of a large site containing many Greek and Latin texts and translations. Part of a complete English translation of Apicius’s de Re Coquinaria. Site contains many Greek and Latin texts, translations and related. De re coquinaria. Libro de Marco Gavio Apicio. Share. Sutori. Presentations for the classroom in a unique timeline format. On Sutori, teachers and students.

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Flower and Rosenbaum, p.

Roasting in the oven is not as desirable as roasting on the spit, universally practised during the middle ages. After that form into balls. It is seldom used today, although we have improved it by turning it with electrical machinery. Pulpa et in mortario et in liquamine diligenter fricatur, et exinde isicia plassantur.

The tenderloins are then rolled up to be roasted; tie together, wrap in caul, parboil in oil 2 and broth, and then roast in the oven or broil on the gridiron.

This looks like a recipe for stewed or candied angelica to me; angelica of course belongs to the celery family, and candied angelica, far from being gastronomically unsuitable, is a frequent ingredient in the great classic French desserts. Apicius’ heating of the fruit in milk is new to us; it sounds good, for it has a tendency to parboil any hard fruit, make it more digestible and reduce the fluid to a creamy consistency.

Remove the tentacles and pound on the chopping board as usual. Lister has this formula divided into two; Danneil and Schuch make three different formulas out of it. This text has not yet been proofread. Crush pepper, lovage, with the broth, add a little raisin wine to sweeten. Fluvius is not a personal name, and means “river”. Cum sit anus conjunx, cum sint tibi mortua membra Nil aliud, bulbis quam Satur esse potes.

They probably boiled and then peeled and sliced the tubers, seasoning the pieces with the above ingredients, and heated them in bouillon stock and thickened the gravy in the usual way.


The sporadic discoveries of such very subtle and refined methods cf. He is sometimes erroneously asserted to be the author of the book that is pseudepigraphically attributed to him.

The Latin text is organized in ten books with Greek titles, in an arrangement similar to that of a modern cookbook: Wanting in the other texts. Sprinkle with the broth and lovage; place the pig near the fire to heat it, turn it around in bran or bread crumbs immerse in sprinkle with brine and finish the outer crust to a golden brown.

Retrieved from ” https: For now, there is no Latin text onsite; the gentle reader is referred to the transcription at Augustana ; and see below. The figs were retired from the sauce pan long before the meat was done and they were served around the ham as a garnish. Crush pepper, lovage, cumin, carraway, silphium, one laurel berry, moistened with broth; in a square dish place the meat balls and the spices where they remain in pickling for two or three days, covered crosswise with twigs.

The spit seems to have been unknown to the Romans.

Apicius sive De re coquinaria

As usual, I’m retyping the text rather than scanning it: Place the roulades with this sauce together in a sauce pan ; finish by braising.

When done skin, glaze the surface with a fire shovel full of glowing coals, spread honey over it, or, what’s better: In fact, only two manuscript copies of the Apicius De Re Coquinaria are known to exist today: Looking for the price? In the earliest printed editions, it was usually called De re coquinaria On the Subject of Cookingand attributed to an otherwise unknown Caelius Apicius, an invention based on the fact that one of the cosuinaria manuscripts is headed with the words “API CAE” [1] or rather because there are a few recipes attributed to Apicius in the text: Vehling made the first translation of the book into English under the title Cookery and Dining in Imperial Rome.

Then fill it with the following dressing: The Hill edition, while adequate, is not as good as it could have been, however. It does not provide a Latin text, is said to be based on inferior manuscript tradition, and Vehling’s translation is quirky and inconsistent. Mark Catesby, in his Natural History of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands, London,describes briefly under the name of arum maximum Aegypticum a plant which aplcio doubtless one of the tanyahs or taros.


Autore:Marco Gavio Apicio – Wikisource

When the cutlets are done marinated the pickle is placed on the fire and boiled; the cutlets are put back into this gravy and are finished with crushed pepper, spices, honey, broth, and roux. Serve without the gravy sprinkled with pepper.

It grows where the potato will not thrive, and vice versa. Show More Like This by: Mayhoff, the editor of Pliny, believes Lippinus to be the correct reading: It is inconceivable how this sauce can be white in color, but, as a condiment and if taken in small quantity, it has our full approval.

Ficatumiecur suillum. Quiches, timbales and related food. Out of the oven: While the Fulda manuscript is composed of coquinagia only though, interestingly enough, of seven different handsthe Vatican Apicius is an illuminated manuscript probably made for a high ranked person of the time. Italian fegatoSpanish higadoFrench foie. Plainly, we are dealing here with fresh, uncured ham. This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat Images with borders lead to more information.

When we first beheld this message we took the inn-keeper for a humorist and a clever advertiser; but now we are convinced that he was in earnest when he said that his guests would lick the sauce pan in which his hams coquinxria cooked.

The dasheen is a broad-leaved member of the arum family. Crush pepper, lovage, silphium, anise, ginger, a little rue; fill the paunch with it, not too much, though, leaving plenty of room for expansion lest it bursts while being cooked.

Serve sprinkled with salt.