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Buy Touch Typing in 1 Lesson: The Almena Method: Read 3 Kindle Store Reviews – Learn the keyboard in just 20 minutes! The Almena Method(r) is an innovative method that teaches writing, speed building and computer typing in One Easy. Typing software; Almena Method; JavaScript PowerPac for ToolBook; online typing courses.

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January 30, at 7: I am an authorized representative of the Almena Method.

Students are motivated by success and that motivation pushes them onto greater success. Click here to view this document.

The Almena Method | Keyboarding Research & Resources

You are commenting using your WordPress. February 9, at 5: The Almena Method teaches touch typing quickly and accurately. Thank you for purchasing the Almena Download, Thank you for lettings know your email was incorrect.

I would like to buy the software. It is widely recognized that you learn skills faster and understand them better by hands-on training or practicing than listening to lectures or reading textbooks on the subject, although these are helpful but to a lesser degree.


Within 2 years the Almena Method was in over job skill training centers teaching typing. It does well for you to learn the location of the keys in when you are beginning. So far, so good!

Having said that, however, all knowledge will begin as declarative knowledge where we mehtod to recall it to use it. Because each time you use the keyboard you are practicing typing. Please go to http: August 28, at 6: On-line KeyboardingSoftware. almeena

The Almena Method Typing Program

January 10, at 5: Because you learn to type in One 20 Minute Lesson the demo is not a practical way to market, we do offer a money back guarantee. Notify me of metyod comments via email. If you want to be the best then you need the best program!

May 19, at We can work from your pre-designed almean or development online content from basic concepts. The method to first learn the keyboard is only part of the Almena Method. I am not sure Mr. The Almena software has typing exercises design to help you.


Last time I timed myself, I was typing at 60 wpm. October 2, at I am available to work with you regarding the Almena Method. February 9, at Mahtab I ordered the Almena Typing several hours ago. December 27, at 7: The ease with which our students progressed is impressive.

Learn to Type | Almena Method

November 28, at 2: Hi Marie, my name is Dave I have been working with Almena for more then 10 years. You could even use some of the online free programs like Rock and Roll Keyboarding at http: It includes assessment tests as well to gauge student progress.

Over functions make up almmena API. Most often the instructions and key are sent within 1 minute. June 1, at 1: I have my confirmation number but nothing downloded on my computer?