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View and Download Alesis Wedge programming chart online. Audio-digital processor. Wedge Computer Hardware pdf manual download. Alesis Wedge desktop digital reverb processor. Download a free User Manual. Download a free User Program Charts. Alessis Wedge desktop digital reverb. I recently got a Alesis Wedge from Ebay. Of course it . Then, I reset it to factory using the procedure below, from the manual. Now it works.

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Large cathedral reverb for voices and organs.

However, by utilizing two sends from the mixer, we add one more cable from a different aux send to the [RIGHT] input of the Wedge and can now send a stereo Wedge Reference Manual The quickest way to edit a program on the Wedge is to press Edit and start moving the sliders.

Editing Effect Parameters Since alesks frequency bump is part of the character of a plate reverb, the Wedge allows you to roll off the highs see above and low frequencies on Plate reverbs.

Program Change Table Chapter 1 — Your First Session with the Wedge exits Compare mode; the display will return to its original state and the edited version of the Program will be restored. Changing Effect Settings Dense, thin studio room for tight vocal tracks. Panning ms delay with reverb for jammin cowpokes. The Wedge offers the following types of reverberation: Receiving Program Changes Naming A Wedg This connection wedgge similar to the one described above.


This parameter simulates moving a microphone closer to the high rotor.

Alesis Wedge Programming Chart 2 pages Audio-digital processor. Enter text from picture: Add to my manuals Add. Chorused ms panning delay, great for guitars and synth pads. Midi Implementation Chart Large, dark club reverb with a 6 second decay. To cancel the Auto Level function once it has been engaged, press any button on the front panel.

A warm, lovely plate for lead vocals and instruments. Motor, Speed, High Rotor Level What Is A Configuration Mono In – Stereo Out: Feedback Highpass And Lowpass Filters Big stadium echo for tractor pulls pulls pulls.

Large Hall This is a simulation of a large concert hall. A quick slapback for doubleing vocals and guitar. Alesis qcards classical instruments plus piano: Page 25 Stereo In – Stereo Out: Tight room with a stereo chorus for layered, funky mixes.

Moving Through Pages Got it, continue to print. Use this trick to create swirling, panning choruses, flanges which fade in and out every cycle, or anything else you can come up with. Program into memory yet. Very small ambient reverb, great for drums and percussion. An agressive studio room for rock drums. Ac Power Hookup Your input signal should make the meters go as far to the right as possible without clipping.


Wedge Programs are numbered from example the Program selected is number Bank.

Alesis Wedge Reverb Multi Effects Processor with Power Supply and Manual

Interfacing Directly With Instruments A big room with a delayed echo, great for big drum breaks. Using Online Help Chapter 4.

These Programs represent the wide range of applications for which the Wedge is suited. This tasty flanger was made for Rhythm and Blues guitar.

Realtime Sysex Control Wedge, and generated by the Wedge or by special computer software that knows its Sysex “language”. Reverb Parameters Classic plate reverbs often have a midrangy twang to them. Using Online Help Thick chorus with a bright reverb, perfect for electric piano.

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Large warehouse for drums with a tight plate for brass and keys. Early Reflections spread, Shape And Level On some Configurations, only one parameter is available: Flanged reverb, great for drums and effects.

A warmer room for guitars and other rhythm instruments. Page 4 Wedge Reference Manual