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Christopher Koy – Junot Díaz’s Stories as Minor Literature Junot Díaz’s “Aurora” and “Aguantando” as Minor Literature Christopher E. Koy University of South. In Junot Díaz’s “Aguantando,” the reader watches the main character, Yunior, suffer through poverty in the Dominican Republic while pining silently for his. Drown by Junot Díaz – Chapter 4 “Aguantando” summary and analysis.

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These Dominican characters do not enjoy the advantages Cubans have of refugee status nor can they obtain American citizenship as effortlessly as Puerto Ricans.

The two of us had kids, a big blue house, hobbies, the whole fucking thing His narrative style along with his commingling of two languages, chiastic structure as well as the phantasmagoria of form and sensation, all reflect the post-colonial immigrant perspectives in which assimilation and Latino machismo depict fatherless males embodying aspects of the oppressed and the oppressors alike. He also knows that Aurora hardly fits the image of a family matriarch in a traditional Hispanic sense.

The raw-edged poetic voice commands a deceptively simple immediacy from the streets of low- income urban enclaves seen through Dominican immigrant eyes.

A fundamental means of survival among numerous rivals, the mask of toughness pervades many characters in the short story collection. Working at the chocolate factory seems like a better option for her since it a job in the States rather than any low labor job if she could even find one back home in the Dominican Republic.


His drug-dealing partner Cut warns him about Aurora: Diaz places this story during the US invasion ofwhich illustrates the hardships the Spanish family from Dominican Republic is actually going through. I agree with your analysis that it must be difficult to adjust to life in the United States after siaz immigration from the Dominican Republic when you live in a shabby and run down area. Many sentences commingle the two languages: One may argue that maybe she was just playing with them, giving them any number so they could leave her alone.

Group B Post- Aguantando

As one scholar points out, The narrative often emphasizes the masks these characters must assume and maintain, to the point that maintaining the mask assumes the centrality of life and experience — a protection against life and living Paravisini-Gebert By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Help Center Find new research papers in: When in actuality it is the opposite. The usual qualities junto a Latina matriarch end.

Attend Film Screening Thurs. Everybody, especially mothers, need a break every now and again.

Junot Díaz, “Aguantando” | English (MW5)

While the lost baby and scars are direct physical suffering of that invasion, the psychological damage became evident only after the apparent loss of her husband. An important thing to note is her level of education. It was only because of that plastic bag that any pictures of my father survived. Menu Skip to content Search.

I would agree with you in saying that the setting connects to the theme of survival in the book. You come to the United States and the United States begins immediately, systematically, to erase you in every way, to suppress those things which it considers not digestible. For example, in the third point, Papi came then in the fourth point he talked about how Papi never came.


All of this helps establish the setting of the Dominican family being in New Jersey, away from their country. Juhot, her body shakes because of jnuot symptoms and the effects of immediately returning to her inveterate drug abuse. Her instinct to keep them safe and happy all while battling her own struggles is how the mother of this book is a sacrificial mother, ready to give her all for her bby.

University of Minnesota Press, The space in the novel aguantxndo used to organize the short story within the novel. I think it is unfortunate that the mother has to martyr herself on behalf of her husband and children.

Junot Díaz’s “Aurora” and “Aguantando” as Minor Literature | Christopher Koy –

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