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AGARICUS MUSCARIUS. By D~. C. E. WtIn~LEI~. This drug study is one of the last worl~ (so far as we know) of the late Dr. Wheeler. ‘I!nIs is a fungus that is. The Guide to Homeopathy. Intro · Product Finder · Children’s Formulas · Shop All · Special Offer. Bulky Product. Agaricus Muscarius 30c. Hover to zoom. The OTC potency range of AGARICUS MUSC is 2x–30x, 1c–30c, c, 1m, 10m, 50m, and CM. Availability is subject to change. All WHP single remedies are.

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Twitching of muscles about the ear and noises.

Agaricus muscarius

Trituration of the carefully dried-up cap pileusor tincture of the fresh fungus. Oppressive constriction of the chest, with a necessity for frequent and deep inspirations. As Agaricus is used in many parts for making an intoxicating drink, we find in alcoholism a sphere for its action, and also in all states of delirium, mania, and even idiocy. As a rule sleeps badly and unrefreshingly. All the symptoms of frostbite and chilblains itching, redness, and burning. Coitus, subjective symptoms arising after.


Twitchings in the eyeballs, eyelids, cheeks, posteriorly in the chest, in the abdomen.

Fatty degeneration of liver, heart and kidneys, hemorrhages in lungs, pleura and skin Dr. Drawing in the legs, as if in the interior of the bone, especially when msucarius or standing, better by motion. Morose, self-willed, stubborn, slow in learning to walk and talk. Shootings sharp needle-like pains in the hepatic region. Palpitations and pulsations in the cheeks.

A jerking sensation in the forehead and in the temple.

Sensitive to pressure agagicus cold air. Pressure in the head to the bottom of the brain, increased by pressure or contact of the hair, and accompanied by a complete loss of energy. Diarrhoea of children, with grass-green, bilious stools. Empty eructations, tasting of apples. Paralysis of lower limbs, with spasmodic condition of arms. Limbs affected diagonally, left forearm, right thigh, right knee, left hand.

On crossing thighs feels a violent pain in them.

Paralytic pain in left arm followed by palpitation. Tension in thyroid gland, worse towards evening, feels cravat too tight. Cramp in soles of feet. Darting pain in the feet and in the toes.


With it much twitching. Burning sensation in the internal corners of the eyelids, which are painful on being touched.

Agaricus muscarius | National Center for Homeopathy

Loose stools, a painful drawing in the stomach and in the abdomen. After coition great weakness and nocturnal sweat.

Restless from violent itching and burning. Blood on blowing the nose, and bleeding at the nose. Burning fissures in the upper lip. Pains principally in the lower part of the chest, as if its contents were compressed.

Twitching of the eyelids and eyeballs. Twitching in the right cheek. Urine scanty agariccus infrequent. Oppression in cardiac region as if thorax narrowed. Pulse weak, dicrotic, intermittent. Itching in the eyes. Cutting and pinching pains in the abdomen as from diarrhoea.