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On the 2nd of October in , Aeroperú made history with a frantic and .. From an unofficial translation of the accident report by the Peru. Operator: AeroPeru. Registration: N52AW Flight took off from Lima runway 15 at am for a flight to Santiago. Five minutes after . Accident location: Exact; as reported in the official accident report. +−. Leaflet | ©. by Aeroperu, crashed into the Pacific (?can, about 30 miles off the coast of Lima was attempting to return to Lima when the accident occurred.

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To answer another frequent question: The design of the aircraft did not incorporate a system of maintenance covers for the static ports. On most aircraft such as my former Piper Archerinspecting acident static ports is a mandatory item on the pre-flight inspection.

Accidenh one must balance this against the added cognitive burden of having yet another instrument on board. We cover the static ports using a bright red self-adhesive plasic tape, to which we attach long flags appr.

ASN Aircraft accident Boeing A N52AW Lima, Peru

The Captain, at several points, said “My engines are at idle, we are maintaining altitude, and yet we are still accelerating. The rudder ratio alarm means that the pilots need to avoid any abrupt rudder inputs. Older aircraft have them retrofitted because the old navigation from beacon to beacon is long obsolete. The warning sounded twenty-two times over 45 seconds. This is a question still to be answered here, and I’m sure there are many readers who could do so; g A further question, posed by Jim Wolper, is why the air crew did not notice the tape on static ports on the pre-flight inspection.

Peru has ” struggled to address the FAA’s concerns, ” said McKenna, but that the US criticism had left them ” defensive and even more sensitive to perceived interference from Americans in their activities “. In calm winds, the windshear warning suddenly sounded.

Accident Case Study

The aircraft climbed to 13, ft, then descended to return to Lima. The German Transport Ministry initially reported that the aircraft was not properly insured, and had not been cleared to land in Germany. It is vital that they are protected from contamination. I recommend that when tape is used, the end of a strip of brightly colored ribbon should be inserted under the last few turns of tape allowing the ribbon to hang down to serve as a safety tag.


The recovery of the taped-over left-side static ports suggest situation A1. Morshead points out that devising such testing systems could introduce new potential failure modes. Rather than confirming their height, he has simply repeated the same altitude information that their instruments were showing them.

Fear of Landing

Responsibility for the aircraft then goes to the duty supervisor who then hands over the aircraft to the line chief. These are strong words.

Of course ATC’s altitude indication comes from the aircraft transponder so it would have to agree. My own bias is towards determining the facts and analysing the causality of the accident; towards making the most objective assessment possible when needed in states of partial information; and assessing the reliability of such an assessment as accurately as possible. Make the crew aware that it is mandatory to follow the evasive procedures in response to GPWS terrain alarms and conduct practical sessions in flight simulators.

Dye shows how there exist work-arounds – that the aircraft systems provide adcident lost information, in a degraded form, redundantly.

This lack of situational awareness was revealed by the cockpit voice recorder transcript. In turn, the German pilot’s union, Aeropdru, claimed that the pilots were not type-rated in the aircraft. It means that they were going over the structural and engine tolerance limits: The standard procedure is that a Quality Control staff member supervises the finishing of the job. I think the world of Gulfstream Aerospace.

Jenney suggested 9 that an angle-of-attack AOA indicator could have allowed the crew to avoid the accident. The maintenance team at Lima replaced two turbine blades damaged by the birds sucked into the engine and repaired the hydraulic pump. This contradicted the one piece accjdent information that they had confirmed as correct. Recreation of flight departing Lima by artist Anynobody.


Their attitude indicator worked perfectly. I hope thus to track explanations of the crash; dually to give readers insight into the social process of discussing accidents. They, like the flight crew, could see nothing out of the windows other than the black night and the lights of the wings reflecting repogt the cloud. A few minutes later their altitude went from zero to 9, feet so they were overjoyed that it was working again. A sensor test would only confirm the co-operation of individual accifent and, as such, would not have identified the problem which triggered the confusion leading to the [accident, and] would also probably require some form of disturbance to the system – for example, the isolation of the sensor from the system, to prevent back-leakage out of the ports.

Although the pilots were quite cognizant of the possibility that all of the flight instruments were providing inaccurate data, the correlation between the altitude data given by ATC and that on the altimeter likely further compounded the confusion. Five minutes after takeoff the crew reported problems with their instruments and stated they wanted to return to the airport. They had lots of fuel, an attitude indicator that would help them keep things level until they sorted it all out.

It became standard to use contrasting tape after this usually applied as a big Xto at least to allow someone further down the chain a chance to spot the issue. FAA N52AW 26 Determine the contributing factors regardless of their origin, whether they result from errors associated with the pilot, mechanic, dispatcher, air traffic controller or any other participant in the operational system.

According to Colombian newspaper El Tiempo flight attendant Gema Bruzzone was a survivor of a previous aviation accident: Retrieved 29 December