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Actuate Active Portal Security Extension (APSE) Actuate BIRT iHub Usage and Error Log Consolidator Actuate Information Delivery API (IDAPI). “Hi I’m trying to use the Actuate IDAPI client for Java to log in to a server and download files. I have set up an actuate user and when I log on to. How to connect webservices client to Actuate iServer 7 OR to be more specific.. What is servlet container path in Actuate iServer 7. Please help.

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Using a resource group A user can specify a resource group in a job schedule to assign priority to a job.

Actuate API Reference

Figure Enabling or disabling the View service About diagnostic logging The administrator can configure diagnostic logging by expanding Viewing Service, and choosing Diagnostic Logging. On Linux, iHub also supports sendmail. Type a value below to decrease the weight of a node. Expand Process Management, then choose Processes, as shown in Figure Indeed helps people get jobs: The iHub application container that runs the RSSE web service application is in the following directory: When you remove a node from a cluster, the following events occur: Figure shows the list of Java View service configuration categories.

A value of 0 or less causes iHub to use a hard-coded value of 5. By default, the usage and error logging extensions reside in the following location: Encyclopedia volume user management information typically maps to LDAP information in the following way: These figures are given to the Indeed users for the purpose of generalized comparison only. Management and Configuration Consoles should be installed on the nodes.


When you take the node offline, the cluster can no longer access its services.

Actuate Admin and Architect | Dallas, TX job

Figure Specifying the organization name 5 Specify the base domain used for queries of users and the object used as a filter for queries of users, as shown in Figure When the cache reaches the limit, iHub sends a message to users indicating a storage problem.

Files containing data have the. If iHub receives one of the following types of errors, it attempts to resend the e-mail message: Increasing the value can reduce total throughput. A user can customize this value when creating an event-driven schedule.

Nodes must have access to the mail servers to send e-mail notices.

If you disable a synchronous resource group, it processes jobs that are currently being executed and those that are waiting. Figure Specifying load balancing viewing requests weight 3 Choose OK. Using variable attributes Table describes the valid values of variables for insertion in e-mail notices.

About Actuate Caching service Actuate Caching service manages one actuwte more configurable ACS databases, and performs functions such as adding and dropping databases, tables, and indexes, and inserting data into databases. Table Categories of iHub error messages Error ID range Error description – System errors such as Out of memory or Low thread count – iHub errors such as Corrupt encyclopedia or Transient adtuate full Within this error category, the following sub-categories exist: A node shares all volumes.

Setting the value of Number of Requests Before Recycling Processes low restarts Factories more frequently than setting the value high. The following snippets from the default acmetadescription. Setting the viewing weight to a lower number tends to conserve node resources. Based on properties the administrator sets on Servers—Properties—Advanced— Integration Service—General Data Source Information, the database collation and the Integration service collation determine which operations are sent to the database and which the Integration service performs.


Configuring BIRT iHub | Belal Rahman –

The administrator can configure the actuatee of diagnostic information that iHub writes to a log file when an error, warning, or other event occurs. Under most conditions, iHub also writes a message to the error log.

While a design remains in the cache, users who request the design share the cached file. Volume Names of the volumes associated with the partition if assigned. Figure Specifying advanced Encyclopedia volume property settings Printing a summary of advanced volume properties Idaip Volumes—Properties—Advanced, you can view or print a summary of Encyclopedia volume properties and their values.

Here are some of the areas we focus on at our current customers: How to start a new node To start an offline node that is not currently part of the cluster, but is configured to be part of the cluster, perform the following tasks: Administrative 5 String fields 11 through 13 display the following information: When the user clicks a link in a completion notice, browser security settings can sometimes prevent the display of the page.

The other letters represent disabled services. Then, point to the arrow next to the partition name to display the drop-down list for the partition. Be the first to see new Java Actuate jobs. Status Current status of the partition.