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2166-8 NCOER PDF

New DA Form dated November , download and print a fillable da form NCOER Form, get da in microsoft word also download pure . New DA Form dated October , download and print a fillable da form NCOER Form, get da in microsoft word also download pure. our will find many helpful ideas about how to prepare and write NCOERs We have gathered the links and put them on one webpage.

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Here is the link: Log In with Facebook. Sums it up well. Upon completion, the evaluation is ready for submission to the appropriate use through the chain of command.

NCO-ER Links

Close Window Loading, Please Wait! The APFT block locks down to editing or entering bullets. I am constantly having problems where depending upon the selection from the drop down menu, it doesn’t allow me to actually type in the block. But why come up with a new format when it’s all going online 1Oct?.

New da ncoer form, fillable da form , da in word

To fix it, I have to copy and paste what I already have in there if anything and re-do the drop down block to say pass. All raters and reviewers must sign off on the final evaluation report before it is to be sent out. Sign Up with Email. Boxes B and C require the ncoeer from any senior raters or reviewer who is also submitting the evaluation report for the NCO.


Couldn’t nccoer much more. Sign Up with Facebook. Another nit pick detail, but it seems as though this is one of the most common people in a company’s rating chain, you would think we could make that work. The evaluator must state if the NCO exceeds the standard, meets the standard, needs some improvement or needs much improvement in these 5 areas.

SFC Join to see.

Sign Up with Google. Thought I was the only one who hated This has to be one of the worst forms to possibly work with and whoever is in charge of making it is probably the same people in charge with a lot of the IT in the Army. This may take a second or two.

The five areas are competence, physical fitness, leadership, training, and responsibility and accountability. ncoef

Who on earth designed the PDF-F of the NCOER 2166-8?!

Already have an account? Horrible form but those who created it probably don’t have to deal with the process. The form is to be filled out by supervising officers.


WO1 Join to see. Posted on Apr 22, Love to type all my bullets in just to have them lost in the save process. Call me a nitpick, but the check boxes on the second page don’t even line up the same.

Posted in these groups: The cursor is there, but it won’t type. Log In with Google. It looks very shabby, like someone threw ncore together in five minutes.

SSG Join to see. The evaluation then must take into consideration the NCO’s compliance with the Army’s core values.