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B, The Marine Rifleman: Combat Skills, 3, U, Small Unit Tactics / Military . I got promoted to CPL last June and the ONLY MCI I did was. Pvt through Sgt: MCI B – The Marine Rifleman: Combat Skills Pvt through SSgt: MCI B – Introduction to Electronic Warfare. MCI (G) Metal Work/Welding Ops (1) (MC). 3 SH Welding. – MCI (H) Math for Marines (1) .. B- The Marine Rifleman: Combat Skills.

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Provides instruction on the organization and employment of USMC command and control systems, planning routine communications support, combat plans and orders including paragraph 5 of the operation order, communications estimates, and Annex K.

Emphasizes the responsibilities of 037b command. When a DPME program is successfully completed. Professional Military Education History of U. Officers may complete an Intermediate Level School distance education program offered by the services below. Although not a requirement. Emphasizes reacting properly to NBC attacks. This handbook provides a cmi of basic land navigation skills, including map reading, Lensatic compass use, resection, intersection, night navigation, and navigating by natural means.

Your Information Need: Mci Course List – Scribd – Scribd – Read Unlimited Books

Designed to enhance the writing skills of all ranks and MOSs. Writing or telephoning the service directly can also obtain catalogs for each service. Additional Education and Training Sources Emphasizes the responsibilities of the command.


GySgt in the 28XX occfields. This course provides indepth coverage checks made before. Designed for Pvt-GySgt in the 01 occupational field. Within 24 hours of the examinations successful completion. This job aid will assist Marines that are attached to an engineer unit on how to read construction prints. None Designed to help prospective NCOs master the difficult art of leadership.

Emphasizes maintenance management terminology. If the user has not setup a custom password, the system will prompt them to establish one the user will have to create a custom security question, create a 0307b security question answer, and create and verify a custom password.

This course is designed for Marines in the ranks of private to corporal in MOS who are or may be assigned to combat engineer battalions. Unit training personnel may continue mdi submit completed DP answer sheets via U. This course also discusses engineer equipment estimations and project planning for equipment operations. Diposting oleh cuk cuk di Fill out a help desk ticket online. Emphasizes the responsibilities of the command, enemy electronic threat, and the means for countering the enemy threat.

This handbook is provided as a reference for all Marines serving in a field environment. This publication is designed for Marines assigned as AAV crewman. This handbook is designed as a ready reference for the AAV mmci while conducting field operations. The user is asked to enter their SSN and date of birth. Also discusses combat leadership techniques, focusing on estimate of the situation and tactical orders.


Specific areas covered are directory service, administrative procedures, and processing mail. See your LRC Facilitator for more information. The scope of this publication is intended to provide a quick reference of the following: This allows the courses to be pre-positioned closer to the individual Marine.

The student is required to troubleshoot simulated faults on an M using the technical manual and the appropriate test equipment.

Mci Course List – dc power training courses

Washington Navy Yard The LRC is a designated facility that provides multimedia workstations for Marines to access the distance learning network and Web-based courseware. For a list of those job aids now available turn to Appendix A. Designed for Pvt-Sgt in MOS or for those who may be required to perform duties as a machinegunner or lead a machinegun team. Submit applications as indicated below: